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Potential State Wide Shut Downs/Travel Bans

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Friend of mine who drives a truck for Kroger in Indiana was given this document today by his boss that was sent out by Kroger's Central Division President (attachment added). He was told that as of Monday he is required to carry this document at all times while driving. 

I'm assuming Travel bans to start taking place soon if not full shut downs. The document Includes Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. 

Stay Frosty Folks.


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There is  an old saying, which anarchists are fond of: War is the Health of the State.


And they're right. In a war, all kinds of infringements on our freedoms will be put in place, and some, even most, will be justified. Hell, conscription/the draft is simply legalized slavery.  But you do what you have to, to win.


It's what you do.  No sensible patriot will oppose them in principle, although in practice we have to remain vigilant, we have to limit

these infringements to what is necessary, and we have to make them time-limited.


Of course the Left will do just the opposite. They'll say, "See, what a strong government can do!  Let's have more!!"


The only question to ask now is: are strong government measures necessary to fight this virus?  If they're not, then what is happening is unjustified, a political reaction, but it's not a conspiracy by the Jesuits.


I prefer to err on the side of caution, and accept that these measures are necessary.  We should support them.


When a hysterical Lefty starts to lecture me about Global Warming, I always say, "I'm willing to listen to your case, but only if you have the basic knowledge to understand things like computer models and their limitations .... so, before you tell me how we're all gonna die, just quickly explain, please, just roughly, just the basics, what a second-order partial differential equation is...." Never fails to shut their mouths ... especially the ones who think rightwingers are knuckle-dragging rednecks and they're the oh-so-smart ones.


So I believe what all the medical professors are saying.  If anyone has real, serious, scientific information to the contrary, please post it. I'd be especially interested in information from any militia member who actually knows what they're talking about when it comes to viral infections .. . say, who knows what an 'exponential growth curve' is, or the difference between a  lytic cycle and a lysogenic cycle. 


More than that, the militia movement should mobilize and offer its services in this crisis. It would be greatly to our benefit to do so.


But ... just like with the police ... great power can be abused.  We have to steer a path between idiot libertarianism, just-let-the-free-market-take-care-of-it, nobody's-gonna-tell-me-what-to-do .... on the one hand ... and the idea that ANY restriction on our freedom must be accepted without question.


OF COURSE the Left is going to try to take advantage of this crisis: first of all by attacking President Trump for not-doing-enough or doing-too-much, and then by attacking the Second Amendment.  We've got to fight that ferociously, and point out that in a crisis like this, guns are your best friend... especially if you're part of an organized group of people who know how to use their power in an organized fashion ... namely, us.



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I had to come into work last night.  The place I work for is considered exempt.  Since this place is out in the country, I can avoid the main highways for the most part.  Ironically enough I ended up passing by 2 state troopers on the edge of a small town. They didn't do anything. Perhaps it's because I have several antennas on my truck which makes it look like I work for some government agency.  (Actually, I'm with AMRRON and am also a storm spotter) I do have my work I.D., but I wonder if I should ask my boss for a letter similar to the one above just in case.



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I believe that there is one factor we must take into account: our leaders, national, state and local ... don't know what they're doing. They're improvising, making it up as they go along.


We -- anyone who knows anything about microbiology and biological warfare  and mutation rates-- have known for years that something like this could happen. Bill Gates said it was the one thing he worried about: a mutated virus, with a long latency period, that spreads around the world because of air travel. We've had half-a-dozen warm-up events in the last 20 years. Now the real thing is here ... the only place we lucked out was that it spares the young.


This situation is one every militia member should be familiar with: you talk to your neighbor, your friend, your workmate: you mentin that you're in a militia group that will be training this weekend. The response is amusement, or bafflement ... "Why? What are you guys afraid of?!! "


You try to explain that no one knows the future, that bad things can happen, that having an armed, trained body of men -- outside of government control -- available ... well, it can't hurt. Having a body of men who have thought about all the things that CAN go wrong in advance, and can take care of business even when the shops are all shut, the police have gone home, the electricity isn't working, the phones don't work, a main road is blocked ... because they've tried to systematically think of what could go wrong, and how they would respond.  It's military ABC -- you don't want to have to make complicated decisions in real time, if you can just recognize a situation and activate your already-worked-out response.


But our leaders don't think like that. Might scare the voters, for one thing.


A serious national leadership would have had a detailed plan for something like this already worked out. They would just have to had issued orders to "Activate Plan 32-D" and the whole thing would move like clockwork. And they would have had adequate supplies and reserves.


Never mind. Our beautiful country has lived through a Golden Age. No one could hurt us. Life just got better and better. Our young people don't know any history, don't know how mean that old world out there can be. They're soft,  they think war is a video game, most of them wouldn't dream of doing military service. A lot of them despise people who work 'with their hands' for a living,  and a soldier or a policeman definitely is not an office worker.


Now they're learning about Real Life. Hopefully, some of them will sober up and decide that this could happen again, and if it does, he or she is going to be part of a group of several hundred serious people who can take care of business, even if our leaders cannot.



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Locked down by any other word is locked down.  Our lunatic governor is trying to get it right for the first time and nobody is listening. 

1. Please do not congratulate 

    Congregating is what NYC does.  They live shoulder to shoulder.  They do not know how to not congregate.  There are crowds of people on the street

”Go use the parks”, says Cuomo.  “So you can spread out.  Play golf.  Basketball doesn’t allow social distancing.  If you don’t figure this out we’ll have to use the National Guard.  I don’t want to do that but I don’t want to die, either”.  Pretty close to exact quote. 
Everybody’s ignoring him.  My experience and that of several other locals is that people are ignoring him.  Granted the stores are not crowded.  There’s nothing in them.  I hazarded a quick trip for coffee and cat food.  I have no gloves but I wore a mask.  Lonely me, one of only 2 people in the store with a mask.  People were staring like I had 2 heads. 
The stupidity of humans never ceases to amaze me 

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