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The Democrats hate America and them playing politics will cost lives..

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So I have an interest in USA politics, anyway cannot believe what is going on here and the political points scoring..


After this is all done and dusted I think the American people will never vote Democrats again, they will remember.


Dont you just approve the bill and put it through? No doubt in another few weeks more stimulus will be needed so put it through again?


As far as I can see it the Dems are now costing lives, they hate America. It must be terrible to hate yourself so much


From australian Newspaper: https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/coronavirus-hospitals-face-escalating-catastrophe-in-new-york-city/news-story/1e70ab67995fe1c903f5e8329cf45471


OR am I reading this wrong?

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| Just another Aussie seeing whats happening in the old US of A

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I do hope that you are right. But from some of the things i have heard people i personal know on the left they are so blind in this ideology that any thing resembling logic from me, you are anyone that is different that theirs is totally lost to them. 


If anyone of us were to try and explain any of this to them we would be better served teaching our pet how to be a nuclear scientist or rocket scientist.  

These far left people have completely lost all sense of reality.

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Yeah, like let millions of illegal immigrants in, many of whom are hardened criminals and even terrorists, then take away most people's main source of self defense. I firmly believe that they want the guns because what they want to do afterwards would constitute an act of war upon the American people.

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