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Pick Up Grocery Shopping Results

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I placed an order for pick up grocery shopping the other day to pick up today.  I ordered about 78 items and about 18 items on my order were out of stock with no substitutions available.  Pretty much anything to do with making home made burritos or chilli other than the ground beef.  No french vanilla ice cream, no popsicles.  No type of bacon or breakfast sausages at all.  No type of biscuits but got the sausage gravy.  I guess I can use toast.  I got 2 packages of wing drummettes out of 5 requested.  No raisin bran or even a non brand substitution.  No thin spaghetti, no hunts spaghetti sauce, no contadina tomato paste or substitutions, no tortillas.....  Not looking good folks.  This is one week after the run on food so hopefully they will be fairly well resupplied within a week.  If it is still slim pickins or slimmer next week then things are going to get a lot worse food wise in this country than they are saying.  I'm prepared with good stores of food but don't want to start breaking into it until I have to.  How is it looking elsewhere for resupplying food out there?.



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