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Opinion of Davidson defense and comparison of 223 wylde, 6.5 creedmoore or 308 win mag purchase.

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In the process of purchasing either a 223 wylde with a 24 inch barrel (Most likely at moment) , or either a 6.5 creedmoore or a 308 winmag. For details i am look at these for long range shooting as a theorectical bugout defense rifle. I am purchasing something for long range shooting so not interested really in a 14.5 or 16 inch barrel. The little extra length is wanting for what ever distance I may be able to use it hopefully if need be 600-1000+ yards if need be. Satisfied with 400-600 I guess but of course the longer range the better. Im curious what opinions and personal experience with these , which would be my best all around chose. Never used a 6.5 but have 308 winmag and love it, as well as 223 of course moat of us have. Never used the wylde version but am choosing it for the simple reason it is design for the increase accuracy and performance of 223 as well as 556 capability. 


Now my second question is the 223 wylde I am looking at is thru a company that has some very mixed feelings in online reviews. Some really good and others really bad. Seems to be a 50 50 mix or so which worries me a little. Was going originally PSA but can get the 223 wylde pretty cheap just over 400.00 and of course it is a assembled upper with out BCG and a full parts kit with the BCG and then a aluminium lower i will have to self mill. PSA is sold out of practically everything even longe range nor are they at this price or less on what they have in stock. The company I am looking at is Davidson Defense.  Just some opinions on the two questions to try and help boost my final decision. It will be long range and preferable semi auto naturally but for long range I could go bolt action but kinda thinking all around so if need be i could use it theoretically in a closer range situation similar to the 14.5 - 16 or so carbine lengths. Thanks for all comments again looking for opinions prefferably from people that have purchased from Davidson Defense and have use and or own all three mentioned. However of course will welcome all intelligence and opinions.


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