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Dav Harzin

Is Global Tyranny Inevitable?

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March 23, 2020

Is Global Tyranny Inevitable?


Maybe it is just being home, locked down because of the highly exaggerated coronavirus panic, but I have been looking at some recent documentaries and developments, and the future does not look good for humanity.

Present-day technologies will impel most of humanity into acquiescing to a worldwide tyranny. The flavor of that tyranny may evolve from place to place, but it will be tyranny nonetheless.

As I explained to a friend, roughly three decades ago, the problem lies in human nature. As we get more technologically advanced, the ability to avoid the inequities and wrongs in any system -- and no system is perfect -- will decrease.

From the beginning of time, those societies which organized themselves better usually survived and conquered those who didn’t. Hence, the highly organized and well-disciplined Romans swept almost all those before them.

Over time, technology has added to that edge. By the 17th century, the scientific revolution had given Europeans a technological edge that enabled Western Europe to literally conquer the world, an edge which lasted right up to the end of World War II.



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