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I for one am getting tired of California running the country . It seems if

California passes a law, no matter how stupid it is, other states follow as if

California is the word of God. We as citizens have to stop this trend .

It seems California , New York , New Jersey , and ( the California of the east)

Virginia is following the Socialist left. They are bypassing the Constitution 

in every way they can. Gun control seems to be very high on their list

to do away with . The Constitution was made so our government couldn't 

bypass the peoples right to own fire arms. Our government seems hell

bent on taking our guns. Its like the government is scard to death of

law abiding citizens owning guns. Well , now the time has come for them

to have a reason to be scard. A Tyrannical Government , will and should 

fear its citizens . We can not let our government use this virus to take

away our rights . The government is supposed to protect our rights not

take them from us.

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