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     When I state that I don't trust very many politicians, feds, cops, or civilians for that matter, I'm not necessarily inferring that I think they're blatantly dishonest or nefarious. Far from it most of the time.

     We live in a society which greatly lacks discernment, free thinking and individual initiative, a product of the evil, and I do mean evil, Left, which actually covers elements of most all political, religious and secular arenas.

     There is a concise line between forgiving someone and trusting them, between unjust discrimination and righteous, discerning wisdom (https://www.sleesecurity.com/concepts.html) in the area of rightful discrimination, general truth and detailed/technical, or full, truth, and many other comparisons I can't think of off the cuff.

     By these same tokens, there are many genuinely honest, wholesome people I do not trust as such, including probably most ministers of the Gospel, people who would never intentionally harm a good or otherwise passive person intending no hurtful action.

     Why is this and how can this entire point be driven home? Quite simply, though it is the tip of the iceberg to an innumerable array of mostly equally simple concepts which, when combined, form an elaborate, extensive, intricate and vast mountain of interlocking mysteries which are fairly easy to understand.

     Most ministers are seminary taught, bought and sanctioned, and are both the object of certain deceptions and the promulgators of same. Most are likely truly converted in heart, but fail to learn the entire truth on their own (I John 2:27)(meaning that no matter what we're taught, we don't truly know it until the Holy Ghost personally imparts that knowledge to us, one by one, not that we shouldn't listen to teaching and preaching), instead relying upon what man has taught them in schools, some of which is a privately interpreted system of interwoven falsehoods, easily cast down by scripture; if a doctrine is true, it will be in harmony with other key scripture and/or, cannot be refuted by any other scripture.

     The way that this thesis ties in with secular events is that the same spirit, or aura, or environment, of deception, is prevalent in both the church and secular "worlds".

      Here is the example which illustrates my point, and is a key to opening the door to all full truth: most take Genesis account of creation to mean that God created the world in six, 24 hour periods, but that isn't what it teaches. The Hebrew (original wording) word for day is 'dia', which means a span of time, anywhere from a day as we know it, to a very long period of time, even millions of years. Science, which does not refute the Bible nor try to, supports this.     

     Archeology and geology also support this notion, plus has verified most of the Bible, including the Flood and the Exodus. Miracles it doesn't, nor do those fields give credence to certain things, such as the Shroud of Turin, which contradicts scripture, as it states that Christ was wrapped in linen, for example.

     The closest we can come to believing that the world was partially created in six literal days is that there has to be a sun and moon, revolving around the earth, for there to be a day as we know it, neither of which were created until the fourth day. Taking into account that "with God a day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day" (II Peter 3:8), one could argue for 6 literal days, but not conclusively, at all.  God could have sped up each process into a day each, leaving all traces looking like a few million years for each "day" to scientists, archeologists and geologists. And if so, which is it? Physically it's millions of years, at least for all practible purposes, but citing II Corinthians 4:18, "For the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are everlasting", one could argue that if spiritually it was 6 literal days, that it's so, since the spiritual is more real, by virtue of it being everlasting, than is the tangible.

     However, that is all totally redundant and could be argued either way for an eternity. The real point is, the Bible was written from an earthly, tangible stance, acknowledging the unseen. We could just as easily claim that we don't really live to be 100 years old, or whatever, based upon James 4:14, 'what is our life but a vapor, which soon passes away'. From that you can discern that the wrong spirit, or spiritual mindset, is influencing the thought pattern, "intruding into those things which he has not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind" (Colossians 2:18), making out God to have us on some kind of magical mystery tour. Again, to reiterate, the actual point is moot, only the root source of that point is relevant.

     When the root of something is missed, the whole tree looks like some other species, and that is the problem. Just like now, the Left, some of them, are citing this current "pandemic"  (another Leftist scare tactic, as pandemic means "occurring over a wide geographic area (fits criteria) AND affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population (does not fit circumstance, at all)".

     Whether it's religion, politics, or nearly anything, including skilled trades (refer to ludicrous explanations of 911 by authorities which defy all known scientifics and laws of physics) and common sense, the wrong thinking is prevailing. Example: 'Honey, an armed man is kicking in the door. Would it be okay to grab my gun, especially since the nearest cops are 50 miles away?'.

     Staying within the underlying thesis at the risk of seeming to stray from the point, what are some misinterpreted scripture which go hand in hand with a NWO, tyrannical concept which aligns with the Third Reich?; doctrines which, incidentally, many alleged Christians believe as truth.

     Predestinatiin-only certain, pre-selected people can be converted to Christ, thus, the rest are of little account; Dispensation-we have evolved into beings superior in knowledge and entitlement, than those before us, and no longer need spiritual conversion, as we have our minds to get us to God (Nimrodians thought the same thing and never completed the Tower of Babel)(Lucifer also thought the same thing, therefore being cast from heaven, the devil, or if you prefer, that which embodies all evil deeds-Isaiah 14:12-20).

     One goal of a certain, powerful group is to "maintain the population of the world at 500 million people" (see Georgia Guidestones). Hmmm...it's now at, what, 7.5 billion. Now how could they "maintain" at a much lower number...?

     Now if only certain people can be saved, which only man could determine in that instance, and if we've evolved into a superior race, that is the elite....

      Keep in mind that it was the organized (not the real church) church that pushed the government to extirminate those wicked, cruel, uncivilized Native Americans, especially the Apaches, you know, the ones with no ethics, those who severely punished tribe members for adultery and certain other things, who gave tribe members the option of engaging in any given battle, the race who kidnapped people who, when found and retaken by the Whites, often or sometimes rejoined the Indians, most accounts to my knowledge being one of good treatment.

     Now if there is a segment of elites the world over, from all walks, who are blessed by God, and overpopulation is the problem, and those who some organized conglomerate considers unsaved are mere brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed (II Peter 2:12)(God's job in the end, not man's), I wonder...

     Keep in mind that Hitler gained control of a primarily Christian society. Most didn't apparently know about the Holacaust until the war was ended, but they all empowered the Third Reich...Salem Witchcraft Trials....wars are, whether intentional or not, a population control measure...

     To sum it up, definitions, original intent, are all important. I firmly believe that God overrides all, but He gave man knowledge to figure certain things out. Just as much as the Left is a threat, so are those who use I Timothy 6:19-21, "keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called", to refute true science (nothing to do with the Christian Science denomination, to my knowledge, which I think is heretical),  which is in harmony with the Bible. That is one pathway to destruction, because by lamblasting science, archeology and geology, one undermines verification of the Bible in many ways, common sense and discernment.


     Note: one thing which substantiates that science supports the Bible, and is clear evidence that God inspired man to write the Bible is this: not too long ago, science discovered that there was a source of light before the sun and moon and stars existed, thus an illustration of Genesis 1:3. The Divineness of it is twofold-that light isn't discoverable with even the most powerful telescope, so how did Moses know that there was light before the sun? Luke 21:25



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