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Matt In West Virginia

Report: 03-30-2020 (zombie intel)

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As everyone knows here, the last major action to take place from the Governor's office was a state imposed "stay at home" order. That's not new news.

But I have received multiple personal reports this morning that the crime rate is suddenly spiking all across the Mercer County WV area, most people stealing cars and stealing from older people, such as purses and other things. I have currently requested from the public that they provide me the details of their experience if they have been assaulted in any way for analysis because it is being said that local law enforcement is sitting on this news to prevent public "panic". I have a friend who is big into the scanning world and he was the one that alerted me to the spikes.

What does it say about our society when we can't even be informed because of fear... and how did the Wuhan scare become so successful in such a guarded environment?

Either way, this is going to get worse before it gets better. This info is here to simply warn everyone that you cannot yank people's lifeline (their jobs) out from under them without consequence. With another 30 days suggested for national quarantine, this isn't going to be pretty because crunch time is already here for many. You cannot disable a society's income without severe consequence.

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