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Yesterday, Tony Heller published a video on his YouTube channel, talking about how the most deaths from the virus are occurring in areas that have heavy air pollution.  Note:  by pollution, he did not mean CO2, which is necessary for life on Earth.  He meant the kind of pollution that comes from heavy industrialization.  This has resulted in lung damage to millions of people.


When one of these people gets the virus, their lungs are attacked, and they can't survive it.  Note that it's not just elderly people whose lungs give out, causing death.  It's not accident, nor is it overpopulation, that the hotspots in the United States for deaths in the United States are in areas that have many factories (even if I am personally in favor of America making its own goods).


In the heartland of America, far from the industrialization, many counties have had only one ... or no ... cases of COVID-19, and one or no deaths.  Remember, most people who die of this disease are either quite elderly, or have extensive lung damage.  And we must remember that China has been putting one coal-fired power plant on line, every other day, for years.  This is so they can build the goods that we no longer build for ourselves.



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Only makes sense. A person with a compromised pulmonary system is going ot be at a hgher risk and have a greater chance of mortality with any respiratory virus.

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