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If anyone has  an hour or more to spare, and wants to bring more people to this site, while countering dangerous ideas, please do the following:


Get on Facebook, and join one or more of these groups:



They seem to be made up of relatively young men -- my image is of video game addicts but I may be wrong -- who are pro2A, and who are now full of sound and fury regarding the lockdown in the US.  I think some are almost certainly Russian trolls, trying to stir up animosity against the police and military.


There are posts in these groups, for example, which show four American soldiers, supposedly coming to take away the guns of the video-gamer, and then four coffins. There are posts saying 'the only good pig is one swinging from a lampost'.  Some of the comments, by the way, are ludicrous: some of these kids think you can stop a tank by smearing glitter-glue on its windshield!


The Russky trolls and hotair merchants can be ignored, but there are some good people on these sites, reading and commenting.


I have been commenting, largely to the effect that anyone who is serious will join a local militia, and to find one, come to MyMilitia.com where we have organized them by zip code.


But, lots of people are commenting, and any single comment soon vanishes below the surface.


So it would be good if others became members of these groups, and started to comment, mentioning this site's URL from time to time.


There are probably other Groups on Facebook we should join, and other social media sites besides Facebook.  And we should definitely be commenting and advertising the site on YouTube videos.  But I only have so much time, and cannot cover everything.


So ... if you can help,  please do.


You can get a lot further in life with a kind word and a gun, than with a kind word alone.

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