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Vaccination, Bill Gates, and Population Control

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1. It's true. Bill Gates, like many many other people, has been worried about world population growth. [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_population   ]

And it's a rational worry. If, on average, each woman has more than two children, (one daughter, daughters being all that count in terms of population growth), then we have an exponential curve. [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exponential_growth    ]   (The rate of growth increases over time.) A couple of Stanford lefty professors made utter fools of themselves fifty years ago, by predicting that, by the 1970s, there would be worldwide mass famine. (Not all hysterics are on the Right.) [  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Population_Bomb ]


What the people who worry about population growth don't understand is this: it's levelling off.  In the old days, and in many Third World countries today, your children are your old-age pension.  (The governments in these countries are too corrupt and incompetent to be trusted to run a social security system, even if they have one.) And most of your children die before they reach adulthood. So it's rational to have five, six, eight, ten children, hoping that two or three will reach adulthood and that one or two of them will be able to take care of you when you're too old to work.


But ... with the advance of capitalism, and all the wonderful scientific discoveries that it brings, things have changed.  A mass vaccination program has wiped out smallpox. And polio is almost wiped out, except in a few backward, stupid shithold countries where the witchdoctors still hold sway.


More importantly, women have started to get an education, even in Third World countries.  And once a woman is educated, and can earn her own living, she stops being a baby machine.


Thus it is that in the advanced countries, the indigenous population is not replacing itself.  Women are having fewer than 2 children, on average.  The US is still growing slowly, with much of the increase coming from the Hispanic population. The Europeans are headed for extinction: [  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_the_European_Union#Demographic_future    ], although they will ultimately be replaced by immigrants from the Third World.


Note that in Iran, where women DO get educated, the birth rate has also fallen below replacement level.


Bill Gates is worried about the burgeoning population in Third World countries, and notes that if the infant/childhood mortality rate were not so high -- if half their children didn't die before reaching adulthood -- then women would not be motivated to turn out eight kids.  He has funded various public health measures, including vaccination, to reduce the rate of infant/childhood mortality.  It's slightly paradoxical: wouldn't saving more young lives result in a population increase? Yes ... if you don't factor in the expected behavior of would-be mothers.


Of course, the Left, as usual, wants to forbid discussion of these issues: if Sweden becomes a majority-Muslim country in fifty years, so what?


These are the issues we ought to be discussing, not a mythical plot by Bill Gates to wipe out populations.


Finally, let me urge everyone to cheer up!   Go here, and you'll find out just how wrong the Doom-and-Gloom Left (and its echos among the Right) are:



Capitalism is the most important invention/discovery that the human race has ever made, by far. It is transforming the world, for the better. It's not pretty, it's not soft and fuzzy, it doesn't pay attention to any of the heart-warming cliches of the Left. All it does is relentless raise our incomes, fund research into scientific miracles that extend  human life and improve its quality enormously.


Shame on the enemies of capitalism and its marvelous discoveries! 



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