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     I just started reading this, having been briefed earlier this week by a friend, figuring it's good for research.

     I don't believe all of it, such as aliens existing or a mile deep base. I do believe some other elements of the story, and the federal contractor was murdered, in 1996, for revealing some things that certain others wanted no one else to be aware of.

     Much of it seems to be science fiction, but some elements of reality are contained in it.

     I included this under 'Tactical', because knowing what the enemy (some government, and civilians, not all) is doing is a big part of tactical planning:


     Key words are 'Phil Schneider, fbi agent'.

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The book, Hunt for the Skinwalker, linked Dulce, NM into the story.  I think you might find the new History Channel series, 'Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch' riveting.  That's a very interesting news piece  in the link that you shared.

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Here's an article on more recent events, which demonstrates how misinformation affects the public, and potentially even policies by the government. I've seen this very same thing occur in investigations, on a local or regional scale, usually only orchestrated by informants, though there is a x% incidence rate of cops "rolling" people into being informants on such trumped up scenarios, especially contrived situations to make it appear that said person has committed such and such an offense. I think that the events and situations listed in the following article could, if researched well, be used as models for what not to do or fall prey to, and enable honest officials to clean up the police and DOJ informant networks, which lacks accountability and is very corrupt: https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/10/trump-impeachment-inquiry-anti-trump-psychodrama/

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