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We are, of course, exposed to radiation of all frequencies, at all times, and have been for as long as life has existed on earth.


As for 5G, please read this:



Alex Jones needs to make a dollar.  He claimed that the terrible school massacre was a false flag operation.  He changed his position after the parents of the murdered students sued him. 



He claimed that there was a  child sex ring operating out of pizza parlor in Washington DC, and this inspired one loony to take his rifle to go investigate - he got off three rounds inside the place, but thankfully no one was hurt.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pizzagate_conspiracy_theory


As usual, he later repudiated his lies, when faced with lawsuits.


Jones is an intelligent man, a good presenter, and much of what he says is true. Unfortunately, he has no morals whatsoever, and takes advantage of gullible people.


The real damage this sort of thing does, is that it discredits our attempts to uncover the real 'conspiracies' in society:  for example, the attempts of the Deep State/Cold War Consensus community to keep us endlessly involved in meaningless unwinnable wars to bring liberal democracy to warring tribes who only agree that the US is their enemy; or the attempts of the unpatriotic corporate elite in pursuit of profit at any price, to dismantle the American economy and ship it to China.


These are the issues we ought to be focussing on.  The Alex Jones type of stuff is just a diversion. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would propose a new conspiracy: that he is a product of the Deep State/Corporate elite to keep us from educating the American people about the real issues.

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