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Dav Harzin

Drug Interdiction? Or Something Deeper?

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Drug Interdiction? Or Something Deeper?

(H/T to my buddy TX2Guns) On Wednesday the Pentagon announced a major operation to interdict Central American drug traders ‘seeking to take advantage of COVID-19’. As reported at Conservative Treehouse, Naval and Air assets are indeed deploying along with an SFAB Company on the ground.


I agree with the overall assessment that this is not a move to check any drug cartel. In fact, the cocaine trade has been at a near all-time low and the current street drugs of choice, opiates and fentanyl, have come from Chinese labs in Mexico.

They’re stopping something much bigger. China is seeking to take advantage of a weakened US and its likely that their preparing their allies they’ve fostered over the past twenty years to initiate movement north. As noted in American Thinker yesterday:

China appears to be laying the groundwork for a “justified” attack on the United States, perhaps in the South China Sea or perhaps elsewhere.  It will be a military attack, not an act of terrorism, and the excuse will be America’s deliberate transmission of COVID-19 in Wuhan.

When the Chinese became accusatory, it’s telling that they didn’t blame the CIA, always the usual suspect.  No, they blamed it on American soldiers.

American military deliberately infecting China is an act of war worthy of a military response.

There’s a reason so many arms and equipment manufacturing was placed in a friendly regime. And in the past I analyzed the re-opening of the Lourdes Signals Intelligence Station and massive infrastructure buildup in Cuba. All of this has a logical end.




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