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Todd A. Slee

Criminal Informants' Protocols

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     Old faces, same tactics, new situations, i.e., Jon P. Keppel, Sr., of Wabash/Roann, In, and proxies and handlers. They're quite anti-Constitutional.

     I dislike making such postings, but menaces need to be known, thus a number of postings in various places about individuals.

     I grew up with Keppel, ran around with him throughout elementary and grade school; two main things about him, he could lie quite effectively and was always pulling a con of some type, including damaging someone's property or project, making it look like an accident, and doing nice things for someone strictly out of ulterior motive, very clever and sly, thus his utility for the Nazi-type of Indiana State cops, FBI and CIA, as well as mafia.

     In '98 he undermined investigations of mine and "Blackjack" against government corruption, and Steve Kell rolled him to work it off, but Keppel took advantage, conspiring with some mobsters or associates to undermine legitimate things. He'd been with the CIA previously, as an informant.

     In '98 he told me a thing or two about the Jon Benet' Ramsey situation, having been in Colorado that same year as her murder, revealing, inadvertently, a little bit too much, which turned out to be, according to the FBI, a thing or two the investigators didn't know about, something indirect, that only a person would know if he knew people involved in the crime, perhaps someone who knew a suspect. I think Keppel is still working off "penance", continually taking advantage.

     Someone in law enforcement/DOJ has been utilizing him for checking out things which he and others actually rigged from within, during the late 90s and beyond.

     Keppel did serve around two years in prison a number of years back, for impersonating a doctor over the phone and forging a doctor's signature on prescription forms, a few years later overdosing on heroin a couple of times, according to himself.

     He may have the capability of hacking cell phones and social media, and is still undermining sound, Constitutional investigators and informants, as well as meddling into the affairs of people whom he dislikes or is at variance with religiously, politically or personally.

     In 2005 he asked me to cut down a number of trees on the family property south of the house, which I did. He'd claimed that he hsd the okay to remove those trees, around thirty of them, from what I later discovered to be classified as a protected wetland.

     Soon after I started the project, Keppel left, then showed up once the logs were ready to load, not wanting to be there for some reason (expounded on shortly). He helped load and left with the buyer while I picked things up.     

     Turns out he took all the money, around $600, though we were supposed to have split it, and avoided me for several weeks. When I tracked him down, he gave a pity story, citing that he needed extra money to buy glasses for his Mother. I reprimanded him for not being up front to begin with, and let it slide, for her sake. I happened to run into her a week later, and asked her about her new glasses, if they were working. She didn't know anything about any new glasses, and hers were covered under her late husband's factory pension plan, from Chrysler, or something to that effect.

     Around the same time, a day or so later, I got a call from the county, about cutting trees out of a wetland. They'd gotten a report, which I later learned was from Keppel himself. Quite the frame job. The FBI took care of that.

     In 1997 my pickup truck was torched, one week after Keppel told me that the mafia sometimes torches vehicles in a particular manner.

     About 5 years ago, a Roann woman, Mother of a schoolmate who died years ago in a car wreck, told me that Keppel had, after making social calls, stolen a few bottles of prescription meds from her. The cops did nothing.

     During the 90s, Keppel was working with several proxies, likely CIA and ISP, pulling various sorts of nefarious, Leftist stunts.

     One stunt that informants and operatives like to pull, is to fix up a proxy to resemble said person, either as is or to make people think that it's said person in disguise, easily done, then when said person is named in a report, try to nail them for false reporting or else make the reporter out to be on drugs or mentally unstable. The FBI sometimes pulls stunts like that, though the state cops are worse, but the FBI and I burnt a number of idiots in/around Wabash County for that very thung, as well as other nefarious gigs.

     Anyway, to sum it up, Keppel is a serious menace, as are certain intimates, and has operated in Wabash, Miami, Huntington, Koskiusko and Whitley Counties, likely still. He is a felon so shouldn't have a firearm, other than whatever the law allows. He knows some Taikwando, perhaps some other, but has had a hip replacement a few years ago.

     The cops and feds should have nailed him years back, but instead utilized him for their own nefarious agenda, so beware. He is proficient, maybe expert, in disguise methods, and some years ago, outright said he has no problem about mingling (weak word) with men's wives.

     Again, I dislike putting up postings like this, but not only is that guy a menace to many, and to Constitutional values, he is a personal liability to myself and others. Note, I have talked with him all of two times in the past 8-10 years.

     One other item of importance: he is tied in with some type of rrligious wackos who covertly afflict ("punish") people for what they consider to be sins, but not crime.

     I have seen Keppel do things to people which, years back, the cops would've shot someone for, then use grandkids as a buffer/shield, in that people won't usually make an affront on someone who is with little ones; cops will have informants do as such, then hope for opportunity to arrest the victim when they retaliate, and; Keppel sure isn't above secretly provoking someone intensely enough to cause a confrontation at his place, then shoot them (virtual entrapment).

     Beware of that one.

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