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Looks like you are a Marine vet, start with an old company Tac SOP.  Just modify it to fit your situation.  Add a basic code of conduct covering what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior.  Have a set way for dealing with violations established and reasonable for the current situation (stiffer penalties during conflict than peace time type of thing). Include a basic gear list, remember to keep it as cheap as possible if a person can afford better they should but some people will have trouble even getting canteens.  You will find a lot of people have no clue what they need for basic gear and you will get a few geardos that think everything has to be the most expensive latest Molle stuff.  Have a recommendation for weapons to try and standardize for you unit but give people time to get that type of weapon with any firearm being acceptable till then.  Like recommend an AR-15/M-4gery standard but if they have a .30-30 lever action as a fill-in till they can buy a basic AR that works.


That's a start.




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