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Todd A. Slee

Followup to Corrupt Informant

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     I just discovered a day ago that a particularly meddlesome informant I've posted about previously, Jon P. Keppel, Sr., Wabash-Roann, In, was charged in, according to 'The Paper of Wabash County', with possession of methamphetimine, not his first time.   

     That charge was shown as both April and May of 2019; I haven't checked closely yet, but I think it was a county, and then a state, charge.

     He did around two years in prison  back around 2004, for impersonating a doctor, probably over the phone only, in order to obtain prescription meds, and has a list of misdemeanors.

     I've only talked to him twice in the last 8-10 years, but around 6 years ago he told me he'd overdosed twice on heroin, being admitted to the hospital at least once.

     He's been tied in with the CIA, the Mafia, the FBI, the Indiana State Police, the U.S. Marshals and the Wabash County Sheriff's Department (under Striker and Land), and has greatly and continuously abused the privilege of being an informant, committing one devious act after another, including personal vendettas against select people.

     I don't yet know what the official disposition of his last charge is, but I strongly suspect that he is in an informant capacity in Whitley and probably Huntington, Koskiusko and other counties, likely under either CIA or Indiana State Police, or else it's a proxy I've been seeing, a favorite trick of the CIA and FBI, sometimes of the State Police.

     It is highly probable that he is tied in with 4-5 female operators from the CIA, very nefarious, since 2017.

     His residence of long time, since birth, excepting times he's lived elsewhere, is south of Roann, In, on 400 N, east of Roann-Richvalley Rd one mile, last place on the south side of 400 before the t intersection, which place may be owned and primarily habitated by his sister and her husband, as Keppel's Mother died last year.

     I am working on a piece which reflects his psychological profile, for my website, having known him since kindergarten; another failure of the FBI (Steve Kell, Neil Hoener) and LE to do their duty, i.e., he needs to be locked up for a long time, the results of his activity being a menace to society and potentially dangerous to some. Same with his CIA and State Police proxies.

     Members of his family have covered for him in the past, probably having no clue of his actual activities, being working class, respectable citizens.

     Keppel is not the only very nefarious operator out of Wabash County, by any means, just one of the worst, vying for bad citizen of the year with a few others.

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