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Todd A. Slee

Patriot Deeds-Thwarting An Orwellian Agenda

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     This is an awesome, on a broad scale, and riveting interview with Edward Snowden.

     Up until watching this, all I really knew about Snowden was that he had leaked classified government documents. That is not what he actually did, as such or strictly per se: Snowden exposed crimes by the NSA, and by civilian corporations, against the American people and against peoples of other countries.

     This interview reveals much more than what Snowden did. It reveals lies by our government, what Snowden did and why, how the government quenches dissent against tyranny and in what manner, and how privately owned corporations are selling Americans down the river.

     Apparently, and Mr. Snowden has accomplished his homework, the spying program which Snowden exposed, has had zero real effect against terrorism. What Snowden did was to reveal a major tool enabling tyranny against Americans, by both government and civilians.

     The information collected on Americans is that which can be the most conducive to aiding in crime against 'we the people', both individually and collectively: normal, non-criminal, everyday activity: Snowden thwarted an Orwellian agenda.

     Now, in partial retrospect, too much privacy or secrecy can be bad. For example, HIPPA privacy laws could be utilized under a totalitarian regime to aid in making select people disappear via the hospital system.

     Up until about twenty years ago, maybe 25, the names of people admitted to and released from the hospital was published in the local newspaper. Then, your friends and neighbors were aware, so a patient had others to keep an eye on the home, lend a hand for necessary house/farm duties, visit the patient, and pray and send prayer requests.

     I believe that publication of such data is negligible concerning criminals who want to rob you. They stake out your place if they have such plans. Plus, if everyone around knows you're in the hospital, a thief has no idea who might be watching the patient's property for them.

     When performing duty with the CIA beginning in 2017, some of my investigative activity ended up being online, with a good possibility that my devices might be hacked by culprits, which they were, information misused and even html code changed in order to frame me.

     I recognized this early on and requested the CIA and my then local sheriff to monitor my devices, in order to detect any culprits. And it's a good thing I did, because problems like that arose. Note that I highly value my privacy, but at times concessions need to be made, noting also that it was a request and not a warrantless hacking job.

     I am all for open source software, especially the Linux line, as it is far more secure than Microsoft and Google, way more privacy oriented.

     By the same token, there does need to be ways for the government to be able to monitor online predators, hackers and human traffickers; privacy can be a double edged sword.

     My mentioned situation was much like performing very covert spy/undercover work. You can certainly use skills to covertly investigate secretly, unknown to all. However, that mode is a potential powder keg. People turn up missing that way, never to be found until judgment day. It's best that some other trusted person be aware, including because false entrapments and frame jobs can easily occur.

     Now, concerning this interview, it is very informative on both a broad, and more localized, scale. From my knowledge of the matter thus far, what they did to Snowden is equivalent to someone from the inside, during WWII, exposing the atrocities committed against the Jews and being arrested for it. Not to say, obviously, that the more current situation was brutal, but what Mr. Snowden exposed could certainly be part of an implementation by which to orchestrate an agenda as inas idious as the Holecaust.

     I have to give as huge thumbs up to Edward Snowden for doing what he did, which I believe is comparable to acts orchestrated by our Revolutionaries. Please watch, discern, form an opinion and provide some input:


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