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The Vaccination Debate -- Beware!

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Whatever you think about vaccination -- I'm all for it -- please be aware that the Russian troll factory loves to use this issue to divide Americans.  When the Soviet Union existed, the KGB were masters of "disinformation" campaigns, so they had a head start in this field.  All over the web, you can find threads with people urging us to go out into the streets now, armedand take on the government.  They often use childish emotion -- "are you a real man?" -- to try to goad people into suicidal action. So, beware!



Russian trolls fueled anti-vaccination debate in U.S. by spreading misinformation on Twitter, study finds


Russian Twitter trolls have attempted to fuel the anti-vaccination debate in the U.S., posting about the issue far more than the average Twitter user last year, a study out of George Washington University has found. The "sophisticated" bots shared opinions from both sides of the anti-vaxxer debate, which took the U.S. by storm and prompted tech companies to crack down on the spread of misinformation surrounding vaccinations.

In the study, professor David Broniatowski and his colleagues say the Russian trolls' efforts mimic those used in the past. Such trolls ramp up controversial issues in the U.S. by inflating different viewpoints, the study says.

The U.S. is in the midst of the worst measles outbreak in the country in 25 years. Health officials say misinformation and anti-vax messages have led more people to avoid vaccination, allowing the disease to spread.


"These outbreaks are due to the anti-vaccine movement," Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, told CBSN AM in January, when the outbreaks were beginning to gain steam.


He stressed that the vaccine has been scientifically proven over many years to be safe and effective in preventing measles. However, some parents still refuse to vaccinate their kids.

One of the main reasons anti-vaxxers refuse vaccinations is that they incorrectly believe they cause autism. As part of an effort by several large tech companies to cut out the spread of vaccine misinformation, Amazon began removing books that promote supposed "cures" for autism.


Facebook also said it would crack down on the spread of vaccine misinformation by de-prioritizing medical myths across the platform, taking action against verifiable vaccine hoaxes, the company said. Misinformation will now appear less frequently in News Feeds, both public and private pages and groups, search predictions and recommendations, according to Facebook. 


According to Axios, however, misinformation about vaccines is not the only threat, as Russia is focusing on spreading misinformation around health care issues ahead of the 2020 election.

Not only did Russia fuel the anti-vaccination debate, they have also spewed unverified information about 5G wireless technology. RT, a U.S.-based Russia-backed TV network, reported that new 5G technology was linked to cancer, autism, Alzheimer's and other health issues, The New York Times reports. This had a real-world effect, with smaller blogs and websites picking up RT's false stories and sharing them as fact, the Times said.

In February 2018, special counsel Robert Mueller charged 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities with crimes related to a campaign to sow disinformation and division in the U.S. in the run-up to the 2016 election. A so-called "troll factory" in St. Petersburg set up to influence U.S. voters was to blame, according to the indictment.


The trolls were paid to ridicule Hillary Clinton online and fan the flames of divisive issues in the U.S. While evidence suggested the troll factory's American operations slowed down between 2016 and 2018, Broniatowski's study suggests trolls are alive and well in Russia — and now they're pitting Americans against each other over issues of health.


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I'm not an anti vaxxer sometimes a vaccine is necessary and the best thing to do for yourself as well as society, but there have been some major fails and problems with some vaccines or some versions of them whether accidentally or on purpose.  The information since has been removed / scrubbed from their site but there was a time when the CDC isted the MMR vaccine used in the 90's as having autism as one of the possible side effects.  It used a liquid mercury solution as a preservative for the vaccine and had a very high amount of mercury in it.  Mercury affects the nervous system and the brain ( mercury poisoning https://www.healthline.com/health/mercury-poisoning#symptoms ) , especially in younger children with still developing brains and nervous systems.  I saw and read it on the CDC web site with my own eyes and when I went back to pull it up a couple years later it was no longer listed on the CDC site as one of the side effects.  There is a reason that there is a fund set up by our government for people that are seriously affected medically or die from vaccines, because it happens and the government doesn't want drug companies to be tied down in lawsuits that would reduce their incentives to develop new vaccines.  People still contract polio from taking the polio vaccine, yes it does more good for over all population immunity than harm in the long run but tell that to the people that contracted it from taking the vaccine.  There is also a reason that autism listed as a  possible side effect of the MMR vaccine has been removed from the CDC site and is now their official position that it is not, because they would have to pay out billions of dollars from the vaccine fund to people with autism caused by that vaccine.  My oldest child was given the MMR in the 90s shortly after they turned 3 which was the earliest recommended age for it to be given at that time.  There were no developmental problems with them and no family history, they had regular check ups and visits to the doctor, 6 months later after being given the MMR vaccine, they were diagnosed as autistic.  This is the honest truth. I didn't allow my other two children to have the MMR vaccine until they were much older and it was a requirement to go to school.  By then they were older and their brains and nervous systems were more developed and changes in the MMR vaccine formulation had been made.  All I am saying is know damn well exactly what is being injected into yourself and your family members and all the possible side effects before consenting to it.  If you are not your own medical champion no one else will be.  If you aren't comfortable with a specific vaccine or feel it isn't proven or time tested well enough, it is your right to refuse it.  You have the right to refuse medical treatment if you don't want it and sometimes that could very well be the best choice for you to make.  Just make sure it is a well informed decision.

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If you haven't seen Dr. Buttar's video's, you can find them here: https://theneuronerd.com under the heading "Are You Fed Up with the Hysteria Yet?".

He gets into COVID19 and the vaccine.   The hole is very deep!


YouTube is censoring this info!

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They've also created ICD codes (for medical billing) specific to COVID-19 "suspected" death with no need for testing.  Like testing is even accurate.


Just another way to scam money from the "We the People"!


I mean really, who do think is going to pay for this stimulus package...our children's children and most likely past that! 

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