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American Revolution 2.0; We the People Must take a Stand. Organizing a Peaceful Assembly.

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American Revolution 2.0 needs leaders to organize us here in UT. Please spread the word to all who you know who hold the values we all wish to uphold. I'm in SLC and doing all I can to get the word out as one of the lead organizers. I do not have a large network of people here since Los Angeles is my home town. Networking is key! Reach out to your NRA group, Gun Clubs, Hunting Clubs, Military friends and relatives active and retired, your Church, the Libertarians you know, the Constitutionalist you know, your Republican friends, etc. We are lucky to live in a state where our rights are not as threatened as other states have been. Yet, look at Virginia, Texas, it is why I left California, and think of the many other states taken over by the blue tide of Liberals bought into office by far left leaning lobbyist. It can happen here. That being said, we have all been affected by this shut down. How many people do you know who lost their business, are now unemployed, who may lose the lives they have built. In addition, we need to stand in defense of our sisters and brothers across the rest of the country to let those who would threaten our liberty see how the numbers across the nation they are attempting to tread on. We need Organizers! Join at https://www.facebook.com/groups/2615619258693612/  or DM me directly here.



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