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How much did your refrigerator cost?

Suppose you had to have one custom-made for an airplane... how much do you think it would cost?  Twice as much? Ten times as much? 

Maybe it would be as much as $25 000?  After all, it's custom-made ... maybe not literally custom-made, but you can't  just lug one on and plug it in, I suppose.  So, maybe $25 000 might be a good guess.


Okay, it's a government-owned airplane. The government is going to pay a private corporation to do the work.  Anyone who knows how this works will immediately see that $25 000 is a bit low. 


Okay, let's be really crazy and estimate the price as ten times that: $250 000 to put in a refrigerator.  Don't worry, Joe Taxpayer won't hear about it ... he'll just keep paying those taxes ... from his pocket to Boeing Corporation.


But if you guessed $250 000 you'd be wrong.  Try multiplying by ten.


That gives  $2,500,000.  Yes, two and a half million dollars for putting in a refrigerator.


But ... you're still wrong.


Try multiplying by ten again.   That gives us $25,000,000.


You got that right.  Twenty ..... five .... million ... dollars. (Actually, only twenty four million. A bargain!)  


Now, I reckon that among the people who've signed up for MyMilitia, we could put together a team who could do the job for  ... a bit less.


But this is what socialism is like: except what we have is socialism for the rich. 


Some good news, maybe: apparently, some Congressmen couldn't hack gold-plated refrigerators, and objected.


More about this here: https://www.defenseone.com/business/2020/04/owners-manual-trumps-new-air-force-one-cost-84-million/164651/?oref=d-skybox


So a question to everyone.  We seem to have come a long long way from our military being 'everyone grab your musket and assemble on the village green'.  I don't question the necessity of a professional military (although I would like to see universal military service).  And I know it's got to be armed with more than M16's, and that modern technology costs money.


But ... doesn't it seem to you that President Eisenhower was on to something, when he warned about the military-industrial complex?  These corporations have huge amounts of money -- our money -- and can buy Congress-critters with their small change.  So we end up not having enough money to keep our bridges [ https://artbabridgereport.org/ ] and roads [ https://www.forbes.com/sites/bisnow/2017/11/28/americas-roads-are-crumbling-and-packed-with-cars/ ] in repair -- much less build the wall -- which might provide jobs to ordinary Americans -- but having enough to buy 25 million dollar refrigerators from the Boeing Corporation.


Something's fishy here.  I think this is why a lot of people voted for Mr Trump.  But, as strong a personality as he is, he is just one man, swimming in a tank of sharks.  And he had/has little specialist knowledge about government, government contracts, etc.   It would have been different if he had been sent to Washington backed by dozens of new Senators and hundreds of new Congressmen, and was able to staff his government form a pool of several thousand Americans who wanted a change of course.  But instead, he's got the same old people who were running things before he took over.  So he's pushing on a piece of string.


Which is why I think we have to get ordinary Americans into politics. We have to take over the Republican Party -- twenty years ago I would have said both parties, but I think the Democrats are too far gone now --  and force a major change of direction.  


Here's one idea for spending government money: instead of twenty-five million dollar refrigerators and eighty-seven million dollar maintenance manuals, how about this: every American, when he or she turns 18, is given his/her own AR15, with a dozen magazines and couple of thousand rounds of ammo: the only requirement to get this gift is to spend a couple of weeks away going through a National Guard course on firearms use and elementary combat tactics.  There are about four million 18 year olds, so that would cost a mere 4 billion dollars a year, assuming they all took up the offer. 


Now that would be government spending I wouldn't have a problem with.












You can get a lot further in life with a kind word and a gun, than with a kind word alone.

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