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Todd A. Slee

Proof of Inflated Corona Deaths

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     Two of many doctors providing evidence that death tolls from the Covid virus are being falsified, made to look higher than they are, much higher. This is absolutely tyrannical, the government telling the medical profession what to do. The first man is a physician, whereas the second is a physician and a Minnesota state senator:




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My best friend in high school, and a lifelong friend. died the first Friday of April. He was on a vent, no visitors, in a containment room. After his passing his brother was informed that cremation would be necessary. The rub is that they denied it was Covid19. Another high school friend who is a GP said they were saying that to downplay the virus. They also made the two brothers and their families get tested for Covid19.

The rub here for me is that even though his wife tested positive, (she never has had any symptoms) they have downplayed this one case I know of. His official death certificate says "multiple organ failure of indeterminate cause".


In my county in SC, we have had 1 death, an 83 years old nursing home patient, out of 108 known cases as of Friday.


My point is this: What if it is just the opposite and there are tenfold more deaths than are being reported as Covid19?

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Author of the topic Posted

Good point Tempstar, and sorry for your loss.

     Your point is possible but unlikely. For argument's sake, say the refuters are part of a population control scheme. The good thing is, we don't have to be doctors to figure it out. Any person with competent research and investigative skills can make a viable determination.

     If the doctors downplaying it giving legitimate medical facts, not hiding or misconstruing anything, are standing for solid values, and are painting a complete picture, then I'd say they're right.  All depends upon if everything fits into place.

     On the other hand, who stands to profit from proliferating vaccines which may be unnecessary, and in partial contrast to eating right and other holistic measures? Well, Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, Deb Firx, and big pharma, as well as Lefties in government who use every crisis as an excuse to gain more control over the population.

     One big clue that anyone should be able to verify is what that one doctor said, about death rates for heart attacks, cancer and other things have decreased recently while alleged Covid deaths have increased.

     Many valuable clues are contained in those doctors' presentations. It's like buying a motorcycle in a box. As you put it together, is it fitting together right? If not, why? Is the end result a working vehicle or some kind of bizarre art form?

     To delve into a possible conspiracy theory at it's worst, there could be multiple operatives using a Breitbart gun on select or random people. Not a real feasible conjecture, but possible. Maybe they released viruses into the air, or food. Possible, more feasible. The government infected a lot of people in Georgia and Florida (item #7 in link below) with infected mosquitos, to study ill effects. I'll provide a reference for that.

     The doctors refuting things are in a rather middle ground between what the CDC is publishing, and the extreme theories.

     Another potential clue or two is that apparently Fauci has had ties with Gates and the Clintons for a long while, and according to reports, Dr. Fauci and Deb Firx have invested millions in a Covid vaccine. When did they invest? The answer and the reason can reveal a lot.

     According to the video, Fauci has had ties with the Chinese medical establishment for quite some time. So, is he advocating a method of testing which has no valid baseline? If so, why would that be? Many unanswered questions which are needed:


     This source of human experimentation is not actually a basis or proof that some insidious agendas are being orchestrated, but it is a baseline for illustrating, proving, that people would do so.

     Most people probably have a lot of confidence in people like Bill Gates, for promoting cures for all the people in third world, and other, countries. But does he advocate natural preventatives as an alternative? Keep in mind that, in relation to any supposed humanitarian, not necessarily any in particular, that rulers like Sennacherib, Nebuchadnezzar, Herod the Great, and more recent ones, performed many beneficial, public works, but they also orchestrated cruel and barbaric deeds at times. And the human nature has never changed from the beginning of mankind, it has merely obtained more cleverness.

     One major problem I see in America is a faulty mindset with many, especially opportunistic people, over any given matter. Multitudes are of the opinion that nothing is really going to change for the better, so why rock the boat? The opportunistic, even some standing, at least outwardly, for the right venues, will quench dissent, because they can profit more from problems ongoing than from helping provide a solution.

     For all the evil that Muslim terrorists perform, they excel over Americans in this one virtue: they live and die for a cause, disregarding materialism, choosing belief over comfort.

     Many in the Christian world believe that things are going to continue to get worse, and that's true. But nowhere does the Bible teach to be indifferent. What if cops thought that way? You know?

     Here is an interview with a physician and researcher with what I perceive as the most feasible approach thus far:


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