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OATHKEEPERS , Alabama unit

Alabama Unit of Oathkeepers Militia Accepting New Members

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Hello to all Patriots!

I am Commander Gray Horse from the Alabama Unit of Oathkeepers Militia! We are accepting new members. No experience necessary! We will take all persons 18 and above but only 21 and above will be permitted to carry a handgun until they are legal age to get a state carry permit, They can bring a handgun and carry it in the field during FTX (Field Training Exercises) on private lands we train on but not on public lands! 

We are looking for members that are dedicated, will come to meetings and training exercises and want to learn and be a part of a military minded, family friendly Militia unit that assists law enforcement and other officials in search and rescue operations, disasters and any other areas where our help is needed! There is more to a Militia Unit than just playing with firearms and wearing a camo uniform! We strive to produce a positive message to the public that Militia Units are not just a bunch of racist, anti government, drunken rednecks that wave guns in the air and shout out racist overtones! Our unit does not discriminate as to sex, religion, race, creed, color, etc,. We do require all new members to raise their right hand and put their left on the Holy Bible and swear an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic! Sorry, we do not take convicted felons, child molesters ,thieves and people that say they were in the military that were not, and we will check! All members must be willing to pass a background check at  their expense if asked to! If anyone is interested in joining contact me at [email protected]

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