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American Revolution 2.0


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There has been a movement started to organize the states to march on the state capitals and City halls on May 1st 2020. We are still looking for leadership for the helm of the VA assembly. This is a well put together nationwide event. Mask will be worn and distancing will be practiced to show a display of responsibility and avoid smear tactic by the media. Reach out to admin's on the main page This is a nationwide organized event. Join at the main page and look for your state group.Many organizers are still needed in may cities. The page link is here, please join the group and let's coordinate make the statement that We the People will not tolerate this infringement of civil liberties and Constitutional Rights any longer. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1358756420984573/   follow to the page, join, and start communications. Website https://americanrevolution2.org/ We need to spread the word and Unite! Please message me if you have questions.. Join our fellow countrymen and women who are tired of sitting obediently while we lose our jobs, our homes, our livelihood, and our born Constitutional Rights as Free Americans.  

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