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III% Defense Militia

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We are the Rising Tide, We are the coming of the times, We are the future. Our forefathers gave us the foundation to have the greatest country on this planet. The Patriots of today must come together to ensure we survive.

Many are afraid to be on a list, Many are afraid they will be persecuted for walking the walk, Many dont think they have the time to do the work.

 Today all across our land and around this world there are millions of those who are doing the work, making the sacrifices, learning the skills..... to come to our country, your state, your town and your home and end your life as you know it. 

 If you are so naive to think that this isn't happening or it only happens in those third world countries then, may your God be with you on that day.  The storm is coming and its brewing right here on our land in our neighborhoods and on your street. No one is exempt from the hellish future that is being planned for our people and the sad part is most of our citizens will walk right up to their demise believing that it isn't going to happen to them. 

Now is the time to align our resources, Now is the time to gather our masses, Now is the time to make ready in all aspects of our skills...Now is the time.

We are preparing each of our members in all of our states to be ready for what ever comes their way and assure them that they are not alone. We are a Nation of Patriots ready and willing to be there no matter what.

Join our TEAM and know we will not leave you in the tough time ahead.


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