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Alabama Gun Shortage: Update by city/county.

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Has anyone observed the gun shortage going on?


Majority of the pawn shops I've visited in Jefferson county have sold out of everything but old granddaddy shotguns & Highpoints. Nobody has handgun bullets. And folks have been selling boxes for $40 on the street.  Yesterday I saw a line outside of Brad's Pawn Shop in Eastwood and immediately swerved up in there. He is well stocked with everything (handguns, automatics, accessories, etc)......not sure for how long though.  They are only selling bullets, 1 box, to those customers who buy a gun.


Also I was turned around at the door because my current address did not match my ID. Apparently what ever new law they just passed has made the pistol permit obsolete and they have to background check & hold your gun every purchase (WTF).  I was directed across the street to Wal-mart to get a fishing licence to present as supplemental ID with the correct address on it.  I normally would have protested this foolishness but I just complied because I don't know when I'll be able to restock and I suspect during the 2nd wave the ATF will halt gun sales.

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If the address on your ID doesn't match the physical address most FFL's usually balk at touching the transfer,  But FFLs are allowed to use a combination of docs to do a transfer because some states don't change your license when you move and notify them.  I've had to use ,my old DL from out of state with my PCS orders (Army) and a recent electric bill showing my name and address.

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