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Brian Kalfus

Primitive technologies, many some off grid camping

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If there is no grid available ... stores to buy food in, doctors to go to, electricity to heat your home ... almost everyone will die.


'Surviving off the grid' is an adolescent fantasy, fun to play with, but not really possible for anyone but a tiny tiny minority.  Even then, being

'off the grid' -- and 'the grid' is just a shorthand term for organized society, ie civilization -- can only be a temporary state -- no longer than when you need a doctor. (Of course, there is 'alternative medicine', herbs and magic spells and the like. Alternative medicine is excellent when you have an alternative illness. When you have a real one, you want real medicine, administered by real doctors.)


Even the murderous bomber Eric Rudolph had to rely on 'the grid' -- although now, thankfully, he's living in the most gridlike of all grids, for the rest of his life. [https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/olympic-park-bomber-eric-rudolph-agrees-to-plead-guilty ]


We will survive as a nation, or not at all, even if it is a new nation, created by patriots.  (Note that people whose only concern is for their own survival are, by definition, not patriots. They wouldn't dream of risking their lives, for their country.)


This means 'prepping' for family survival, for sure, since 'the grid' can be interrupted. But it also means building an organization which is able to deal with all emergencies, including the breakdown of law and order, when an armed (and organized) citizenry would be required. Their job would be to restore 'the grid'.


Camping is fun. Backpacking is fun.  A few people get pleasure from walking the whole Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Coast Trail. (Not that they are ever far from 'the grid'.) 


You can get a lot further in life with a kind word and a gun, than with a kind word alone.

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