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leaders...? or followers? or just fed up enough not to care?

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my call is GearBolt.  I keep America moving. 


I am a hard handed Redneck Mechanical Engineer from Iowa now living in west Omaha running daily fixing that which most men can not, or choose not to.   and I am dangerous... and fed up...


(it's okay the costumed coward pigs in toy badges already know to send extra thieves when dealing with me because I am 100% AMERICAN, crazy and utterly wan towen.)


I am not here to make friends, I am not here to wear a stupid t-shirt and march at a stupid rally.  I am not here to be asked to join your milita, or "be a leader".


I am. here to find men and women who are paying attention to what is happening and seeing the trillions of stolen tax dollars and more and more and more theft happening daily and realizing that in what??? a few hundred years we just lay down and let soft handed  men tell us to give them more or they will send their "enforcers" of "law" to take it?...


I am watching costumed coward "enforcers" night after night, Rob, rape, beat, lie, harass, steal, entrap, plant, and murder my fellow Americans!


I watch day after day... names like Shafer Cox, Daniel Shaver, Atatiana Jefferson, Dennis Tuddel, Devon Swaford, and so, so many others.  and I have reached my point where I can no longer in good faith eat the bullshit shoveled on top of these stories.  


American men walking in their country held at gun point , beaten, kidnaped, and caged by costumed cowards for daring to keep and bear arms.  


Americans held at gun point for filming the conduct of the king's men wearing that thin blue line flag, 


I love my country.   I am just very much fearing this government because it is begining to look a lot like history is back for more.  


and by the way.  this guy is a snowflake.  I am fairly confident he has a blue line on his kit.  













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