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10 hours ago, RayanneKennan said:


are they a good company? I have no knowledge of these things.


They are becoming a pretty impressive company. They originally started out selling budget AR parts and build kits and have progressed into somewhat of an innovator. They have a few neat firearms due out that have been delayed due to the Covid crap, but they are poised to become a real player in the US firearms industry. 

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1 hour ago, Megatron said:

PSA is probably one of the top 5 gun parts or sales sites.  


Only then gun snobs hate them


True, the high end boys definitely look at them as trash but I've never had a problem with any of their products. I will say probably the biggest drawback to doing business with them is sometimes they take a long time to ship. Other than that the customer service has always been solid. Their fabrication capability has expanded a lot and they have a few cool things coming out, like a Gen3 Glock clone that is supposed to retail under $300, the Jakal, a 5.56 monolithic pistol, and the MP5 clone. Their 9mm AK is a big item with the AK crowd as well.

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It all boils down to the purpose. For a fun gun? Go ahead. For a gun to defend your home/property? I would get an ar-15 pistol instead if compactness is what you want.


Also if you’re looking to save a few bucks PTR manufactures an MP5 clone and Zenith imports one from Turkey. There’s a few other manufacturers but they’re defunct. Functionally the same guns for about $500 off.

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Guest ZombiesAteMyPoo

I run a NAK9. 9mm AK pistol that comes stock Glock mag compatible. Put a binary trigger in mine for suppressive fire. 

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If you want it and have the available funds to purchase it  or enough credit you are willing to use at the moment and able to keep it a secret from your wife,  then buy it.  That is the decision process I use when buying a gun.  Actually my wife doesn't complain about the guns I buy, but I don't always make it too obvious either....  :D

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