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Todd A. Slee


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     Interesting article and videos on using hydroxychloroquine to trest the Coronavirus.

     One question which comes to mind after reading this article is: if the HCQ has a 90% success rate, 100% with some doctor's patients I've read, why is the government restricting it's use?

     This may seem irrelevant, but this is one of the most important things to be researching right now.

     If HCQ works that well, then why is the government spending billions on another vaccine? If it is ineffective, then why are growing numbers of doctors advocating it, and downing Fauci and Gates? Those doctors have no reputation to gain, have not billions of dollars to make and have no hidden agenda. Nor do they have catastrophic failures or screwups, as do Fauci (claiming that HIV causes AIDS when apparently it doesn't) and Gates (hundreds of thousands recipients of certain vaccines being harmed, perhaps irreparably).

     What if the vaccine they're preparing has the capability of rewriting a person's DNA, as claimed, and will have a tracking chip or a soluble solution with tracking capabilities? I recently watched a video that claims there is a soluble solution with digital tracking capabilities.

     This issue, the Coronavirus (Kung Flu or WuFlu) debacle may well be the weight which tips the balances one way or the other.

     If anyone thinks that elements of the United States Government, and certain civilian subsidiaries, which is now full of Leftists, wouldn't perform a repeat of the Holecaust, if not muderously then in any ways, then you are living out a pipe dream and have tunnel vision to boot.

     I've witnessed first hand that our government will murder dissenters against tyranny, their own operatives, simply for preparing to blow the whistle on corruption.

     What that was I don't know, but was probably similar to what Snowden did, a Patriotic act. I didn't witness the murders I noted, but my contact within the intelligence domain verified it; the rest we kidnapped and hid.

      There are probably survivors of the Vietnam War who recall being sent on patrol, in order to draw heavy enemy fire so that the enemy could be located, but being told that the patrol was for a sane purpose.

     There are many examples of the government intentionally wasting human lives for some political purpose, when either the agenda was bogus or the mission or objective could have been accomplished in some other way.

     No doubt some of you are quite knowledgeable in the medical field, and can determine all facts needed which may not be published online, such as Covid death numbers being inflated, certain details per given location which simply aren't widely known, irregularities in normal procedure per situation, many things I and others have no clue about, not being in the medical profession.

     It'd be a good idea to start researching this dilemma and spreading the word, because way too many inconsistencies exist, deviations from the norm.

     The Covid virus is just that, another virus with it's own characteristics. Yet, there are standard procedures and methodologies per sickness or ailment, and the Covid ordeal has been dealt with in quite unorthodox ways, frankly, in a rather bizarre way. Doesn't take a doctor or scientist to notice that.

     Those of you who are Christian believers might think that the Church will be supernaturally "raptured" before any great, worldwide evil occurs, but that is a doctrine which was spawned only about a hundred years ago, not something the Apostles taught. I think those preachers are wrong about it.

     At any rate, something is very wrong, and it is something much more serious than a virus:











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