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George Floyd Died After Police Knelt on His Neck During Arrest | NowThis

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1 hour ago, Doug1943 said:

This thread is very interesting.


I don't see anyone saying,  "Hey, he was just a Black ex-con, the cop is white, let's defend our own."    So much for militia "racism".


Hey, lefty media investigative journalists, academic researchers,  Southern Poverty Law Center snoopers,  working on your next book or article about the scary 'far Right' 'anti-government'  militia movement -- how does this thread fit with your pre-conceived narrative?


"Anti-government", a bit, I'll give you.  Anti-government-which-kneels-on-your-neck, yes.  Anti-government-whose-snipers-kill-your-wife-and-son, yes. Anti-government-whose-SWAT-squad-breaks-down-your-door-at-4am-because-a-neighbor-said-you-owned-a-gun-you-shouldn't-have, yes.   Got it?


On the other hand, when these things happen, note one thing:  we don't go out and burn down the neighborhood and loot shops. 


I won't hold my breath until you denounce the anti-government people who behave like that.



At least they burned the police station down.   Its just lower functioning slave like victimhood.  

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On 5/27/2020 at 5:32 PM, RevRifleman said:



This tears me in two. I'm not sure I want to set a standard where Mayors can just go around demanding that people be arrested and charged.


Exactly.  A Mayor is a politician, who enters the field to gain power, and perhaps, to gain some loot and climb the political ladder (sorry about this, gents, but I've known politicians all of my life).  I relatively certain that the cops involved in this death did not apply for the PD and go through the Academy with the purpose of killing people.  Something happened along the line that jaded them. God knows, just being in a big city is enough to jade anyone.  This, from someone who grew to manhood in Chicago ...


The Prosecutor's office in Minneapolis will decide the charges in this case.  Of course, he or she will be guided by the fear of more violence and rioting.  And when the day comes when a GOOD officer defends his life with deadly force against a minority, will he also end up in prison, after the inevitable riots, and likely die there?

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The closest I ever came to shooting a black man, when I was a police officer, was when I worked in the bustling city of Arkoma, Oklahoma, just across the river from Fort Smith, Arkansas.  I hadn't even gone to the police academy, yet, and so I wasn't allowed to carry a handgun.  However, I could carry a long gun.  Strange, huh?  So, the Chief put a Ruger Mini-14 in my hands, with a 40-round magazine.


Understand that Arkansas had "blue laws", back in those days, which meant that on Sundays, you couldn't do certain things, like buying beer or other alcoholic drinks.  All the bars were closed.  People who crossed the Arkansas River into our bustling city would buy booze, then go back into Arkansas.  This was against the law in both States.  I drove to our favorite location to wait, and did so.


Sure enough, at about 5pm, here came a car with five black guys in it.  I didn't stop them, then, because they hadn't done anything wrong.  But I waited.  After a while, they came back, headed for Arkansas.  I switched on the lights, and pulled them over.  I called the stop into the station, and the dispatcher said she would contact the Chief.  Meanwhile, all five of them started to get out of the car.  I opened the door, Mini14 in hand, and leveled it, at them.  I heard one of them say, "Whoa!" and they all got back in the car and closed the doors.  I maintained my position until the Chief arrived.


As it turned out, the trunk of the car was loaded with booze, two of the occupants were ex-felons, and three of them were carrying guns.


Why did I stop the car full of black guys, when many cars came across the river?  No black people lived in Arkoma, at that time.  Had they had no booze, and none of them were ex-felons, and there were no guns involved, the Chief would have allowed them to go on their way.  No harm, no foul.


I had to leave the Police Academy in Oklahoma City for one day, and come back to testify in their trial.

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6 hours ago, Todd A. Slee said:

No, it doesn't justify the neighbors blowing up the neighborhood, but a thought came to me.

      That cop just looked right at the camera, arrogantly in defiance. Something could be subtilly out of balance.

     In retrospect, I find it hard to believe he could be that self secure in it, having to know it was wrong to do.

     Thus, almost makes me wonder if it wasn't staged, to orchestrate Floyd going into protection, or to bring to light other such incidents where superiors and the court did little about it.

     Maybe the cop is going into an intelligence agency, Floyd could have been into crime and turned witness, or he could be undercover or intelligence, or going into such.

     Things like that happen commonly these days. Ordinarily one wouldn't expose such.

     However, if that were to be the case, (and I'm just conjecturing based upon what I've seen occur, and based upon that neither cop's demeanor seemed synonymous with what was happening, nor the witnesses), that needs to be exposed, because they would still be using the situation to instill fear of government into the people.

     Just a thought, and an insightful tidbit, from experiences.

     I will add that elements/personnel from the medical field are at times/often involved in the process of faking deaths, including the ambulance service, which is much easier for them to do under HIPPA laws.

     Many instances of people being subjects of the witness protection program, which includes the Marshals, FBI, CIA, at least one other federal entity and, unauthorizedly, at least technically, the Indiana State Police (unless theirs was discontinued), are unnecessary, and that is even according to FBI and U.S. Marshal employees.

     Scheming, conniving, manipulative, bizarre and the unbelievable scenarios is what I mainly investigated with the FBI, which actually began under a sheriff, who tried to tackle that monster but was hindered.

     Much of my material presented to the FBI was scoffed at and scorned. But additional leg work to obtain evidence of those occurrences convinced them of the possibilities, and more intensive investigation by fully trained, seasoned and experienced agents and CIA operatives yielded results, proof, of such preplanned events.

     I managed to stay a step or two ahead of the intended syringe full of sedative, usually by threats plus required evidence and substantiation.

      Again, the situation in Minnesota I know no more about than what's on the videos here, but in pondering, something unseen is amiss, I think.

I noticed when the ambulance pulled up 2 officers in bulletproof vests got out the back and put him on the gurney. I have never seen officers get out of the back of an 🚑 and remove someone in a medical emergency before. 

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Guest ZombiesAteMyPoo

Ol boy got arrested. Guess we’ll see if it’s for protection or justice. Didn’t say where he was arrested, I know rumors are circulating he made his way to Florida and a few protestors were there trying to get him. 

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This was nothing short of the Deep State wielding their power --- they used this cop, made him a deal, that dude and his cop buddies are going to disappear. They will be tied up as loose ends. They would be better off getting arrested, but they are not going to survive in any prison either after what they did. 


And for the record ---- SHAME ON ALL THOSE PEOPLE STANDING BY WITH THEIR DAMN CAMERAS! Honestly, what has become of us? I do not believe I could have just stood there and let this happen! NO f-ing way! 


The Deep State is losing the Corona Hoax as documentation becomes available..... so now they have to play their "race wars" card ---- Can we not all just get over this already????? This isn't about color anymore, this is about "the people" vs "corruption of power" The power, I remind you, that WE gave to them. I swear there should be a way to relieve every single official of their duty at once! This is way way way Out of Hand! 

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