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With the variety of events transpiring in the world around us, what we are discovering is the need for greater communication between Militia Units across the country.  Whether we are looking at something like VCDL day in Virginia, anti-lockdown protests in Michigan, or the riots in Minnesota, what we are discovering is that we have dead zones of communication in this country between militia units.  As Minneapolis burned, we were fortunate to have access to various live stream videos on YouTube.  But, we had nothing coming from the various militia units in Minnesota.  They do exist.  In my attempts to track some of them down on Facebook I found a large number of inactive pages.  Others made reference to the protests but there was little engagement with the post.  


While OPSEC is always of great priority within any militia unit, the importance of sharing intel is crucial for success over the long haul.  Faint rumors popped up every now and then in various chats as parts of Minneapolis burned.  Were militia units mobilized?  Was anyone helping to protect businesses and neighboring districts, divisions, and communities from potential spread of destruction?  Sadly, we don't truly know for sure.  If they were, the extent of their operations should remain shrouded as much as desired.  But, neighboring units may have been able to provide additional support and resources.  Whether or not any additional help would have been needed is a mystery to us.  


I realize there are quiet moments on the forum.  I realize that we have some 'out there' topics from time to time.  I also realize that many get frustrated because they join the forum and are unable to find fellow patriots to join up with.  Yes, there are squabbles between members... we are human after-all.  But, we have great staff here and great members who are active and do their best to keep conversation lively.  


That being said, we need our members to make the effort to prowl the internet looking for Militia's with an online presence whether on social media or traditional website to ask them to have at least one member of their unit join up with us for the sake of national communication.  


MyMilitia is the perfect forum for communication between Patriot Militia Unit's in the United States.  We need to be able to reach each other in order to assist and share information when difficult times arise.  We have the platform. 


Friends, please take the time to reach out to Militia Units and ask that they create an account here so that when things get tough we can support each other and network efficiently.  We are stronger together than we are apart.  Long live the Republic and God Bless the U.S.A.  

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This is very important.


A question/suggestion: is there not some way to organize this systematically? 

For instance, does the site have a database of people who have signed up, so that we can do a query, and get everyone whose state is 'Alaska', and then email them and ask them to contact all Alaska militias, to sign up here... and then the same for all the other states through to Wyoming.


If this is not possible (it should be!), then we ought to post this call prominently on the site over the next three or four days, and get as many volunteers as possible, and divide up the states among them.

Also, give them some advice on how to find militia groups in their target state ... the right search terms to use in a browser, on Facebook, Twitter, and wherever else militia groups are likely to be signed up.  [Not just 'militia' but 'mutual assistance group', III%ers. etc.


And in general it would be good if we could assemble a group of 'keyboard warriors' who can devote an hour or so a week to tasks like this.  I know there are some people, probably retired, who have some time on their hands who might be very happy to do this.

You can get a lot further in life with a kind word and a gun, than with a kind word alone.

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