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Mobile Alabama Floyd Protests

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There is a scheduled protests for Floyd in Mobile, Al. Attached are the details from AL.com. I can’t get the attachment to download from Al. Com to here. So I added pictures. I will be down there providing security for the Law Office Of Mathew Green. Just to the right of the chamber of commerce. Even thought I don’t see this happening in a violent way. Can we get a few guys to help secure a few areas. There are a lot of mom and pop shops that have been effected by the virus. Either through money or closures. Please contact me if you are going to come down to help keep this city together. Remember PPE. We can’t let this effect our city in a violent way. 










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49 minutes ago, Cherokee said:

Bamas too placid. They won't burn anything.

I agree. I just want to offer security to others in case They try something. BLM has had a post out on IG that said they will stop cars on either I-10 E&W or government st. My location will be posted for the security job I conduct.

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Today is the March for Mr. George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. I provided security for my cousins Law Firm yesterday. I spoke with the police department and a few of there officers said that there were different protest at different times. The protest today was at 1500 and was changed to 1700 and was called Gorge Sores candle light vigil. I don’t trust this there are people pleading and begging for this to be a peaceful protest and no one is saying anything about it being violent even when asked. That includes no one saying they are going to demonstrate peacefully. I have found out through intel that there are people coming from Mississippi, north mobile and Baldwin county, pace and pcola Florida, also black lives matter has a post that was taken down by either Twitter or BLM that it’s not about being black or white anymore it’s something completely different.. What that means is clear to me.. George Sores is involved. There are Antifa and anti trump protesters involved now.. It’s completely different than for the death of the two African Americans that were killed. People of Mobile are asking for our city not to be turned into a war zone. 

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