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Todd A. Slee


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     Informants, undercover cops, CIA, FBI and doubtless other gov personnel, are resorting to some old tactics of conjuring up excuses to investigate Patriots, devout Christian believers and/or otherwise anti-Globalist-NWO-Leftists. Then, when the subject tells anyone about it, even the authorities, they attempt to nail them for exposing covert gov personnel.

     I say, that's just tough. They can lump it or leave.

     Normally, ones who do as such secretly team up and play the good guy-bad guy routine.

     A good counter measure to a fairly wide spectrum of unconstitutional, tyrannical, activity is to determine what businesses are interacting with L.E. and the DOJ, without having a visible need to, such as when a crime occurs: THERE ARE MANY!

     The public has been cajoled into believing that for their safety or security, that they need to keep up a steady rapport with the police, all the time, and that is how they keep tabs on people, and how they manipulate select people via their informants and confidants.

     Some fuel for that are indicators of one or another type of crime, used errantly, indicators which are the norm for things other than crime. Not to mention the bag of tricks which slick cops, agents and informants use to create artificial environments that make it more likely that the subject will react/behave in certain ways. The FBI is very good at that.

     Often, a shady investigator, if working on something for you, will, during that process, equate you as one of the culprits, sometimes as a means of coercing you to investigate and continue making reports to them. The FBI and state police are quite good at that as well, being no strangers to psychological ploys.

     Indications, evidence and testimony/statements from FBI people and cops I've conferred with over the years, reveal that both Kell and Land, and others, delve into such cons.

    Determining how investigators should work cases and operations, AND how nefarious ones actually do, can greatly help curtail unconstitutional activity, thus tyrannical moves.



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