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58 minutes ago, Fed up said:

The more I find out about this situation the angrier I get. I don't know how much more I can handle.

Same here, and here in Indiana it's been very lenient concerning restrictions.

     I made it a point to go somewhere every day after work during the entire lockdown. Our governor's edict provided for a wide variety of reasons to go somewhere, and I took full advantage of it.

     I will not be restricted in my activity over an illness with a 0.04 % or less death rate, perpetuated by a bunch of God forsaken globalists, carried out by a bunch of Leftist doctors in the farce called CDC and WHO, believed and followed by a bunch of fearful sheeple.

     I think we've all had that WuFlu, Kung Flu, Covid Cold, Wuhan Woe, Fauci Flim, Gates Goiter, Bat Shit fever, and they're just using it as an excuse to initiate a totalitarianist regime. It's obvious.

     Like Broer said, why is it they allow thousands of protesters without masks, yet no more than 100 people are allowed in church, when at all?

     They rightly named the H.R. plan 6666. Surprised they didn't just call it 666, because that's what they are, and the whole thing is antichrist, big brother, the fourth reich, everything evil.

     People have been transformed overnite into less than a bunch of kindergartners, afraid to even speak their mind in public. This country is gonna be like a buncha drowning rats in a barrel.

     This country's people ain't worthy to lick the boots of the founding fathers, 90% of  'em, especially the likes of the pathetic mainstream media and the politicians like comrade Cuomo, Fur'er Fauci, Gestapo Gates,  and nazi Northam, Fakebook, Rusetube and Twitter Litter.


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As an independent contractor/carpenter I have been busy as hell since March. Been around lots of people and lumber stores. I keep asking, you know anybody with kung flu ? Haven't had one yes. I know it's out there, somewhere. That's what they keep saying, right. Them Fear mongering assholes.

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Hey fellas You want to talk about ANGER!?!?!?!? ----- When the shut downs started March 17th in the resort town where I have been living for the past 5 years 2 of which I have been working at the same resort, I was kept on in my position for an extra 2 weeks. I was laid-off on April 2nd.  By April 11th I was on the road - I traveled under the protection of this amazing document called "The Constitution of the United States of America" I believe in my core in this document and what it means to me to have been born a free woman! The deciding factor on taking the trip was a visit with one of my doctors (I had been recovering from surgery)...I asked her, "don't you think it is too late for shut down measures? Haven't all of us already been exposed?" She raised her hands in the air, and said, "That is my point" BUT you see the Deep State silences people who don't agree.


I have been through 15 states and as many if not more major cities - NOTHING WAS HAPPENING! Empty hospitals, empty schools, empty streets ----- I have hours of videos chronicling my travels. There were Marked differences between Blue States and what I have come to call the Free States. New Mexico exits were closed to non-residents, they imposed a weekend curfew on the Navajo Nation which spans across the four corner states. They told the Nation that it was to protect them from the "white man's disease" and they told the white folks it was because people on the Reservation were high risk because, you know "dirty native americans don't wash their hands"

My great aunt has needed a pacemaker, but that procedure was cancelled until further notice. She is finally slotted for a pre-op appointment ----IN JULY. Her brother, my great uncle has dementia and was scheduled to be admitted to the memory ward at the V.A. - but these loves in my life live in a blue state and are still waiting. 


I questioned the CDC and WHO over and over and over.... I have not been sick, I have not worn PPE at any time, and I am still not sick. I am still travelling. And now documents are surfacing that support every single one of my "theories" regarding this fucking world health crisis HOAX! Which makes me even angrier.


I returned to my town (in a Free State) and found things opening up rapidly, however, MY JOB, my position has been eliminated as our resort is not projected to be fully operational until March 2021 - What the FUCK?!?!? This situation is not unique to my life and I am one of the lucky ones who is receiving benefits. THE DIFFERENCE IS I WANT TO WORK, I WANT MY JOB BACK! 


Instead, I am out here in this great land trying to figure out what the hell I am going to do next....I have been applying for jobs all over this country since I was furloughed, and DO YOU KNOW HOW NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE IT IS TO GET A JOB WHEN THE NATION IS ON LOCK DOWN?????? I cannot even get an interview and let me tell you, I have an impressive resume that shows what a great asset I would be, but none of that matters anymore. 


AND NOW the DEEP STATE has started another RACE WAR 

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Guest Fed up

That sucks, my dad had to have a kidney removed during this last month because it had cancer on it. That's why I'm not working ATM because he's my boss and he's still recovering.

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