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Western Rifle Shooters Assoc. Deleted by Wordpress

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Not sure if this is a repost, but...


Please let us know if CA sets up shop on another platform. And if you're reading this, CA, all the best, mate!



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18 hours ago, Skillet said:

For those not familiar with the site it is/was very popular combination of patriot  news aggregator, opinion articles, links of relevance to our movement, etc. This afternoon the PC police @ wordpress smoked it.




Boo to them!

    They might be able to keep it up by having content that is objectionable to the Nazis on a pw protected page, until they can get a site run by liberty minded people, instrad of Hitler and Mao worshippers.

     There is a way to claim internet space for a site free, and build one, but you have to know html. Might also be able to build a site on the "black" web, and still have it easy for anyone to access.

     I'm looking around for some resources, but in the meantime, here is an interesting site:  https://uncensoredlibrary.com/en





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Author of the topic Posted

CA has a plan and a few of the other communities are pitching in. He's got to keep it open and public, because it's a primary nexus posting site for a lot of popular figures, i.e. Matt Bracken.

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