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Walking the line

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With the Floyd incident now in full swing,


one question that has popped up in my pea brain, is exactly what laws do we have in place in this country to legally protect citizens from police that are just bad police, and in the heat of the moment need to be stopped.I think the short answer is, there isn't any. We have Good Samaritan Laws, a Citizens arrest law,  a mostly unused Militia law .  But if the people in the video of the Floyd thing, instead of just standing there were to of tried and pulled that police officer off that man, * not free the man, just get the cop off of him and restrain the cop until a supervisor or someone higher up came to investigate*  it would of automatically ended up with extra police showing up and detaining or killing those citizens involved.  An it boils down to in the heat of the moment in a situation like that, does one risk their life and freedom for someone else, a complete stranger, who may or may not be a criminal. AN even if the person is a criminal, to prevent police brutality, Or do they just stand there and keep recording.


An then riots....


an then this....  lil article, https://www.yahoo.com/news/army-vet-lawmaker-invoke-insurrection-171135253.html


Trump would be well with in his right to send in active military to stop the rioting, and I think this person who wrote this above article is correct in that the rioting very well could be considered an act of insurrection, a last ditch play by the left to try an get rid of Trump by ANTIFA and rioting an lumping it into an insurrection category. BUT , had a democrat president been talking about deploying active military, how calm would conservatives be ? Would there be this big fear of take over by the left... An would there be calls for militias to activate.   An then more over, I honestly do question where the US Military and the Pentagon stand with our Constitution and The Bill of Rights, because if as a country we had a legitimate reason to by force remove a sitting president, his or her cabinet and oust the extremists on either side of the isle in the House and Senate, this same move of sighting an insurrection comes into play, and the military gets involved.  What law isn't set up, is for the US Military, to be able to independently vote based up on the values of the Constitution and Bill of Rights,  and be able to come to a conclusion outside of a political grid lock where each side is pointing at each other as being the traitor to our nation, and being able to say, that if a civil war broke out against one side or the other, that the US military is not going to side with the government when the government is in the wrong based upon said values of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and a neutral Military that was and is designed to protect the people and nation from a corrupt government.   So there are the questions not really being asked, the outrage I am sure is barrel of fun for the extremists using the situation to cause chaos, and the democrats not letting it go to waste. 


An I did see that Trump might label antifa a terrorist org, I honestly feel that is a giant waste of time, because these people are insane, anyone with common sense knows it, and what that label is going to do, is just give crazy people more ammo to say, ah ha see we told you, now we are labeled terrorists , and ipsofacto nothing happens. That and exactly who are the leaders of Antifa that can be arrested, to which I doubt are any, at least not any that are going to lead to mr money bags that funds it all.  In the end it becomes another never ending war, like the war on drugs. An if ANTIFA gets the terrorist label, then so should the KKK an every white supremacist movement in America. 


ANnnnnnnnnnnn  finally, a cop with a pair.




I can only imagine, that coming from Yahoo news,  and business insider, that the under tone  is * GASP * HOW DARE LAW ENFORCEMENT SUGGEST SUCH A THING ! WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TOO!  VS reports and videos of " police taking a knee ". I mean kudos to police being smart enough to know how to de escalate a situation, knowing that the gesture of taking a knee could indeed defuse things, but it is like, come on. why even bother when the rest of the nation is turning on police in full force, and when police are no longer really involved in riot control, but in a mini street war that they are not prepared or trained to engage in. I would say use fire hoses but then that would be racist wouldn't it, fire hoses used to disperse rioters . sure.


I do though suggest taking a page from Soylent Green, and have a riot dump truck,,,  See the source image


Where to take the rioters after that, is for someone else to figure out, I would suggest deporting them to the middle east, like Iran. or maybe over to North Korea.


Everyone has a pair of balls rioting and " protesting " In America, yet you don't see them getting their balls up an going to NK or Iran and trying it.

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