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Why we must not: Conspiracy

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Conspiracy theories around the world are routinely debunked and their creators often discredited and shunned from society. These individuals are usually fairly intelligent almost to a fault. For the most part they have successful careers and families that are stable. 


However, conspiracy theorists have something in common; seeing links between unrelated events that aren't there. Immediately all of their credibility is stuffed down a toilet and immediately regardless of their capabilities as an individual they are shunned from society as crazy and eccentric. This sort of message is not only damaging to their reputation as a person as many of them must then go through rigorous drug testing and invasive policies by the corporations that they work for but it is damaging to militia as a whole. Many of us fear change and that is something we have in common with most conspiracy theorists.


A wise pastor once told a story at mass. The story will proceed below. 


A man is walking along a road and he found a piece of a tablet made by God which harbored a bit of truth upon it. Watching him was a demon and Satan from their residence in Hell. The man examined the piece of truth for a long while before he discovered what it was. "My lord, won't you stop him?" the demon asked to Satan. "No, I will not." Satan spoke as he turned away from the scene and began to go about his daily business. "Why won't you stop him?" the demon asked. Satan merely responded; "Because he will take one piece of the truth and he will make an entire religion based around it." 


In this story, a single piece of the truth was found and brought into light by one man who thought he had the answers to it all. That man created a religion and in turn turned people away from greater truths. The same principle applies to finding corruption and hidden plots. It's too easy to become distracted by a single piece of information and use that to imply false leads as truth and also to make connections between information that do not exist. The mind is a powerful tool and all too often we can use our own minds against ourselves. 


We have to stop being the conspiracy nutjobs the public thinks we are. It turns them away from us and makes our job that much harder. In my How to Fight series I discussed why most militia tactics will ultimately fail against a well prepared and supplied opponent. We NEED their support. Period. There's no doubt about it. Whining and complaining about stealth infiltrations of political officials and people in power isn't going to change a damn thing. If anything it's going to make the problem worse because we seem like a bunch of whiners or even worse rabid dogs waiting for violence that we can take advantage of. 


Check all of your facts. And frankly check them with someone else as well that has a different perspective. Check them with professionals. In today's very specialized economy most people graduating high school or even college are already well behind the technological power curve as new information becomes available every day. Bring your concerns to someone's attention that can actually do something about it rather than whining and pissing away talent in the dark recesses of society. 

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