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Any one interested in joining/starting the 740 ACMi

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I am looking to see if there is ANY interest in really getting it started besides my own ?? I realize the COVID-19 has certainly changed the outlook for the future and not necessarily for the best  ! I believe in being somewhat prepared for what life dishes out to you and in my 63 years of living I have never seen this kind of turmoil that does what all this is doing ,  Militia is not a BAD word at all its being made out to be ! There is NOTHING wrong with preparedness in any form . Nor is there anything wrong with being armed !  There are many many ways to be prepared and I think that knowledge is key to that , there is no laws against being a  true Patriot and loving your country and all that its freedoms allow is there ?


I for one am not a bigot , or racist  , I have biracial relatives and served in the military U.S. Navy to be exact and on the 1st ship in the Navy to have women onboard , Many of those I served with were some of the finest people I ever had the privilege of serving with  and they were of many different colors and religious persuasions , There is such a thing as a " Band of Brothers , and Sisters  , We had each others backs at all times and you get to know that person fairly well , We shared our pictures of our kids , talked of our parents and family as well as acknowledged our heredity , Some people Either can not or will not acknowledge the hate and also the hurt that was endured by many for simply being who they are . We have to do better !!


Lets get the 740 ACM up and running  asap ,  alone we are a target , together we are strong !! Let me know if you are interested in getting going and you and I can get get this  done together !!



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