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Hey, Texans!!!! Read this!

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The militia movement has some weak points, which we need to give some thought about reinforcing. 


Its strong points are its personnel, most of them. Dedicated patriots, including vets and combat vets and LEO and people with real get-your-hands-dirty (or bloody) practical skills. 

How I would like to grab a random sample of 20  people from our side, and do a video documentary contrasting them with 20 people from the CHAZ zone. 


But here is one of our weak points:  we need more women, more young people, more non-whites. 

YES, I KNOW, right now it's Black this and racism that, and inclusion and diversity the other. I can't watch the evening news now because of all the utter crap about this being uttered by guilty white liberals.


Never mind.  We can't base our work on what the enemy is saying and doing.


In our public relations, our visuals  -- photos and videos -- we need to forefront the sort of people we are short of -- because we want bring in people by the tens of thousands, the hundreds of thousands, and we want to win friends and strong sympathyzers,  and weak sympathyzers, and neutrals, by the millions and tens of millions.


So ... when Mr and Ms Average American think of the militia movement, we don't want the ONLY picture they have  to be bearded men in their 30s, wearing camo and holding an AR15, with slightly guilty look-at-me-Maw smiles on their faces.  We want them also to see militia people talking to shopkeepers,  rebuilding homes after a flood, teaching first aid classes, and maybe helping out in this man's campaign.


And we want them to remember women, Hispanics, Blacks,  Native Americans and people from India and Korea and China etc ... when we get them.   (I would volunteer for a photo but I'm only 1/16th non-white [Choctaw,if you were wondering] and it doesn't show.)

You can get a lot further in life with a kind word and a gun, than with a kind word alone.

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I just joined up and am trying to find out what this group is about overall and if it is the people I am looking to be with.  I my self am central and non racist and believe we have a major problem that needs to be fixed sooner rather than later and right now is the perfect time. What are some of the things that the people in these groups support and some of the long term goals? Thanks

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