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Todd A. Slee


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     Billionaire George Soros, who is said to have went to Nazi death camps with his father, thinking it enjoyable, is apparently funding a movement to cause spineless pastors to help spread the cause of the Left, Socialists, Marxists, Communists and such.

     Reports on Soros' stance concerning Nazi-ism are conflicting, but it is evidential that he is an influencer for evil agendas.

     I might be thinking of Alan Dershowitz as being who is said to have enjoyed going to Nazi death camps with his father. I've been doing a lot of light research lately, and will have to do more extensive checking.

     Neither men are beneficial to Freedom and Liberty. Keep in mind that just because Jews are God's chosen people, that is as a nation, and that except they accept Christ as all other believers, they too have snubbed the Almighty.

     Israel, if still the apple of God's eye, are as such only because of His promise, not due to Israel being right in God's eyes, and because of Israel's prophetic role in world history, which well read Jewish Christians can attest to, especially ones who live in Israel, being persecuted by their peers.

     [Update] I don't think that all or most Jews are doing bad things. There are still many around who remember firsthand the Holacaust, and cherish freedom and liberty.

     But there are elements who are extreme nationalists, and as such are as big as racists as anyone who has been against them.

     That element can be likened to an element within the organized church who, due to having a warped ideal of being blessed, end up assuming an air of entitlement, therefore believing that it's okay to afflict those who merely disagree with them, using their opponents despitefully.

     From recently conducting research, I've arrived at the conclusion that elements within the Israeli government are in collusion with Leftist/Socialist elements within the American government, craftily undermining Freedom and Liberty:


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