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Ira baker

United we Stand Divided We FALL

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I've been reading things here talking about following the examples of the guys in Seattle.  Are we really going to sit back and watch them continue to do this ? We need to unite and organize. Period. Those who are interested come and join us. At We the People ARE the Militia on Facebook, I am on Twitter @irabaker13, and we started a group on Wix. We the People ARE the Militia. If we don't act now. We'll lose the greatest country on earth. The Antifa plan is to nationalize the police force. After defunding the police force, then bring in United nations troops. And if they bring them in we will be in the same position as Vietnam was. We will be a ragtag force facing an organized equipped and well supplied army. We WILL lose. Our women will be raped our children will be killed. Research how many women are raped by United nations troops each year. Research how many children disappear each year. Fuck the system fuck the government. Fuck big pharma. I know as men as a man myself I know I will not stand by and watch this happen I am for organizing  all the militias, in all the counties in all the state's I say every militia everywhere should come check us out on Facebook. Cause I don't know about the men in this site but I know I can not stand by and see a child or a woman harmed by them I started a group on Facebook seven days ago. And I am putting out the call here tonight. Come help us save this country organize, on Facebook at We the People ARE the Militia 



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Your sentiments are admirable. 


I don't agree with all of your analysis  -- Oh how I wish the other side could bring in a few regiments of UN Troops from Nigeria and Pakistan, please God, let it happen, it would be like that last journey  of the UN (ie, American) troops  trying to get back to their base in   Blackhawk Down, except  x 100 000 -- but yes, if we don't 'do something', our future is grim. Not really because of a Diabolical Plan worked out by Hillary, Soros and Beelzebub sitting around a table, but because these people will dissolve all the pillars of the social order, both tangible (like the police as they are now) and intangible (American Patriotism, the only thing that can hold the different races together) -- which they will try to replace with the State.


But the disagreements over causes don't matter.  What we must agree on, is what to do next.


"What to do next" is the question facing every movement like ours -- especially one facing active, deeply hostile opponents.  So often, it's comfortable to think that "what to do next" is just what we always have been doing. More of the same. That's the natural human response, because usually today is like yesterday, and tomorrow will be like today ... the little changes going on relentlessly  below the surface where we cannot see them, which will someday burst out as quantity changes into quality -- like the beginning stages of cancer--  just aren't visible.  The enemy's plans are unknown to us.  And then ...


WHAM!  We are faced not just with riots and looting and mass demonstrations -- but with huge popular support for them, nurtured by the 'cultural apparatus' in our country, which has been in the hands of the Left for two generations: teachers, jouralists, much of the Established religious leaders, the Deep State,  ... all of them were educated to believe that America is basically evil, controlled by rich corporations  (yes, I know there is a contradiction here), which must be brought under the control of enlightened people. More than that, they believe that traditional culture is backward and oppressive.


So what to do?


Just going home and watching something on Netflix seems ...complacent ... dumb optimism. At least to a lot of people.


So what to do?


When you are suddenly jumped in a bar, you don't have to worry about what to do. Your instincts take over and they're right. You fight, maybe with no holds barred. You don't have time to think. (This is what some well-meaning fools don't understand ... "Well, why didn't the policeman shoot him in the leg?"  ... sometimes this is a valid question  -- I had a friend whom the LAPD should have shot in the leg, instead of the heart -- but in many cases ... like when a 300 pound 6 foot three thug (Michael Brown in Fergusson) is coming at you, having cracked your eye socket a minute before as he tried to take away your gun ... you follow your instinct for self-preservation.


So ... should we just sound the Assembly [

  ],  get a few hundred guys together, drive to Seattle, and sort them out?  Unless we were intercepted by the police or National Guard on the way,  I have no doubt whatsoever that we would restore law and order to that patch of ground.  (I would recommend a full set of vaccinations against various nasty diseases beforehand, but only on a voluntary basis.)


But ... we would not have the majority, maybe not even a substantial minority, of the American people behind us.    Sorry.  Don't shoot the messenger. But we don't. So even though, tactically, with a bit of planning, we could sweep the streets with those anarchists ... it would be a huge strategic defeat for us if we did so -- at this point in time. At best, most Americans would say, "two extremes fighting each other -- let 'em wipe each other out."  And if there were fatal casualties on the other side ... our people would be looking at long prison sentences.  All except the dozen or two who would turn informer, or reveal that they had been informers all along.


People with strong political views, views which put them in a relatively small minority within their societies, tend to think that what they believe is just the obvious, simple truth. They tend to associate mainly with others who think like them. They unconsciouisly tend to think that their views, are the views of normal people.


So when candidates holding those views lose elections ... they can't accept it.  "It was electoral fraud!" [A little of this happens in America, it may even have been decisive in 1960 in swinging Texas and Illinois for JFK, but it's not the problem many people want to believe it is.]   "It was the press -- it brainwashes people."  "People are sheeple."   At least these excuses don't deny the reality -- that your views just weren't popular with a majority.  The worst excuse of all is: "Our candidate was too moderate. If he had come out for actually burning abortionists alive, then we would have won!"  -- This sort of thinkiing is very popular on the Far Left (not the abortionist part).  "The workers believed that our side's candidate was not that different from the other side's, so they stayed home ." 


The last view is not always wrong: people who  are professionals in this field know that the trick in winning, is not convincing the people who are going to vote, to vote for you -- most people's votes were decided long before the campaign even began  (Your vote was, wasn't it? You didn't think carefully about perhaps voting socialist this time, did you?)  The trick is in mobilizing your base -- getting people who would vote  for you, if they voted, to actually vote.  (Exceptions to the rule? Yes... there were a couple of million Obama voters who voted for Trump. These people are not to be ignored. But mainly, it's mobilizing your base.) 


The political Right in America is especially good at shooting itself in the foot, by putting really extreme people up, who then lose to the Left when a less crazy person could have won. There are several contests coming up in November which we will probably throw to the Left this way.  (And the  poor Washington State Republican Party has recently had its own problems with this fellow -- who couldn't be doing more to help the Marxists in Seattle than if he were under their orders:  [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matt_Shea   ]   )


So we have a clear path before us, even if it's not a romantic one.  We have to increase our numbers, build our base.  We have to expand our numbers by two orders of magnitude -- to become even 3% of the thirty million males who voted for Trump, we would need to have one million people in the militia movement.  That million, in turn, would need to be surrounded by a set of concentric rings of close sympathyzers, fading out to a periphery of friendly well-wishers from a distance, on out, finally, to people who are not too sure of us, but aren't unhappy that we exist, because you never know.


This does not preclude an armed presence at various places on certain occasions!!!  But that has to be thought out very carefully, and, most critically, be seen to be done at the invitation of a substantial part of the local population. We have to be seen as "rescuers" not "invaders".  And how much better if we were "rescuers" at some earlier point, responding to a natural disaster, or even just doing "Good Works"  -- the Houston Unit of the Texas State Militia looks like a very serious military formation. But they also work with Jimmy Carter's "Habitat for Humanity".  Somebody there is a crafty strategist.  People who have met us personally, have seen that we are patriots, not psychopaths, are far more likely to want our help in the sort of social chaos that is coming.


So we must grow.


And that's "horizontal" growth, accumulating numbers.  We need to grow in 'depth', as well -- to become more professional, more skilled, to develop specialist units which can do professional-level comms, medical, engineering, intelligence, propaganda  -- the sort that real militaries have.  And we need to grow in 'height' ... to develop a national leadership who understand Grand Strategy, and how to maneuver the tricky relationship between the militia movement, and the broader, strictly 'political', patriotic movement.


And then, we have to await events -- things like this anarchist uprising will come again, and when they do, we will need to respond in a cool, calculated, cold-blooded way, hopefully under the orders of a well-informed, seasoned, sophisticated national leadership.  Gentle as doves, wise as serpents ... and, if necessary, as deadly as serpents as well.

You can get a lot further in life with a kind word and a gun, than with a kind word alone.

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Author of the topic Posted

Ok I think that you are misunderstanding my intentions with this post, I am not advocating that we should just gather everyone or a few hundred souls and go up there and create a bloodbath(some are) what I am saying is that if we do not unite and expand our numbers and begin to prepare, here now everywhere in the United States if (when) it comes down to an actual war, we are un prepared and too divided to do much more than fight on a guerilla warfare level. 

I agree with your points of needing an central leadership under command of an elected council.and I am all for temperance and a calculated response but we need to put out some kind of statement as a people and that's where the protest at the sherriffs offices comes in it doesn't need to be armed or violent just a show of solidarity, a United front. Prepare, train,  unite. And yes we must grow not only our numbers but also our professionalism and our actions on a calculated front. To try and show people that we are not just a bunch of violent rednecks. And expanding our numbers and influence in not only our communities  but also on a national level to the point where people see it as an honour to join our organization. Is also the direction I would like to see things grow. And I agree with you on needing people to see us as rescuers or friends would actually be a better term. But either way we need to unite on a national front. To show a United message that we cannot and will not lay down and take it. 

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