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Do you want to take action right now???

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Here's how you can do something to prepare the for the war against the Left right now.


Open a new tab. Type in YouTube.com. Then into the Search Bar, type 'CHAZ'.

You'll get a bunch of videos. Click on one. If it allows Comments, which most do, paste in some variant of one of the three paragaphs below, after copying it from here.


If you see my comment, which will look like one of these three, just go on to another video. Or type 'riot' into the search bar, or 'BLM' or 'Anti-fa'.


You might want to change the first few words.  Just be sure the site URL is mentioned.  Once you have copied a paragraph of text,

you can post it over and over with just a click. 


You can get our site name up where dozens of people will see it, in 30 seconds. Spend  ten minutes doing it, and you will have shown it to hundreds of people. Some will come here. Some will join their local militia.  If ten of us spend ten minutes doing this every night for ten nights, that's two thousand exposures of our web site to potential registrants.


The comment will be 'pushed down' by other comments, so you can come back to the same video a day or two later and do it again.


We have already gotten some people this way!


So you have actually done somthing to build the force that is going to take back this country.


==================== CHOOSE ONE --- OR MAKE YOUR OWN  =========================================================================


This chaos is just the beginning, a rehearsal for what the hard Left has  in store for us, as they are appeased by the cowardly liberals who run  the Democratic Party, which governs most of the great cities. America is becoming like Europe in the 1930s. So, we had better get organized to  defend ourselves -- the police will be neutered. Come to MyMilitia.com to find out how others are organizing ... don't worry about the scary image the word 'militia' evokes -- that's 99% a Lefty myth. Come see for  yourself. You will also be able to locate likeminded people near you.
All patriots, of every race, color or creed, are very welcome.

Okay, time to get organized. That long beautiful period from 1945 to 2000 -- our Golden Age -- is over. No one knows the future, but it's very likely to see real upheaval in the United States. Our rulers have lost faith in their civilization, and are grovelling to the barbarians.  So ... buy that AR15 you know you will need, along with 2000 rounds of ammunition and a dozen magazines. Then come to MyMilitia.com to see how others are organizing, and to meet likeminded people near you. Patriots of every race, color and creed are very welcome.


 We must organize. These riots and occupations are only a rehearsal for what's coming. Come to MyMilitia.com to see how others are doing it and
to locate likeminded people near you. Patriots of every creed and color are welcome!

You can get a lot further in life with a kind word and a gun, than with a kind word alone.

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