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The Police we really need.

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With police quitting left and right figured I would make a list.


Pick your fav police /officer


Lethal Weapon

Bad Boys

Judge Dredd

Police Academy 

Rush Hour

Die Hard


( that episode of south park where Eric Cartman was deputized )

Starsky and Hutch

TJ Hooker


( any officer ever featured on the show COPS which is now off the air thanks to giant Network pussies )


Barney Fife ( from the Andy Griffith Show )

Car 54

(Bob from Bobs' Burgers where the kids dream of Bob as a cop but with a robo mustache )

Inspector Gadget

that other inspector from the Pink Panther

Commissioner Jim Gordon ( from Batman to lead it all , including but limited to Renee Montoya and Harvey Bullock well, and the entire GCPD , truthfully i think Gordon and the entire GCPD is probably more adapt to handle the situation at hand )



Feel free to add your own.  we mine as well create our own fantasy police force, sort of like fantasy football,  dunno the rules or how to win yet , but seems like an idea for someone to make some money off some how. some computer program to project the next riot / mod scenario  vs a fantasy police force and reality police forces  to see who does a better job.


alrighty ,well if it does happen, remember you saw it here first, so someone copied me and ima have to sue them for intellectual property theft or some made up leftist b.s that i can find.






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Richmond, Va. mayor canned the COP. He was well liked and respected. Mayor picked a Lt. as interim. Bypassed majors and captains. Mayor is a commie sympathizer. Know an officer who's had it after 12 straight days of watching the commies vandalize. There may be the so called domino effect.

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