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You are a slave. Prove me wrong.

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We, Americans, are slaves. You can't own anything. We owe everything we "make" right back out. You are only the middle man for the govts money. You're taxed when you earn it, and taxed again when you spend it. You don't pay taxes on the home you think you own, the govt will take it. Same with land. But 2cents, I own my vehicle. Until you don't pay your registration/tags. It's a tax. That way when you sell it, the govt already has their half. Then you'll be taxed again when you spend that money. Again, you're just the middle man. Now knowing this, begs the question of freedom. Are you free? Or is freedom a falsehood, a lie?

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did you just come to planet earth ?


i mean if ya want, you can also say you pay taxes to use your own bathroom because you have to pay utilities .


Death and Taxes are the only thing that is a promise in life.


The Irony I suppose is as a nation, we are the ones who keep taxing ourselves. Not one person ever forms a group to put an end to vehicle registration / tax, or anything you mentioned.  Which I mean more irony if ya want, like ya said ya dont even own the home ya paid for in full because of the property taxes and liens i guess the only thing is , in some states they wont kick you out of your home just put a lien on it.  BUT in other states, the homeless can literally move into an unoccupied home and then it becomes illegal to kick them out. More over, pray you do not have a large sum of money to leave to children and grandchildren, because uncle sam wants a piece of that too. you buy a lotto ticket and win big, for what ever reason uncle sam gets a piece ( granted who cares since ya barely paid anything for the ticket in the first place if you are lucky , but i think if anything the lotto should be like, you get to take home so much money after taxes, not advertise the entire jackpot  since you don't really get it all )


I mean feel free to be the first to refuse to continue paying taxes and see how far ya get. which is probably why it took so long to find Osama Bin Laden, the fer didn't owe the government any money.


Want some more fun facts.  what else,,, jaywalking is also illegal,  ya can get a ticket for not wearing your seat belt,  Marijuana use to be considered this super evil gateway drug, now for what ever reason it has become normalized ( and rightly so ) and legalized by some states, even though federally it is still illegal and the giant anti marijuana ads that were paid for from the 80s to early 2000s are evidently just a giant waste of time and money now..., Yet we still have commercials on how bad cigarette smoking is, and vaping; it is legal, yet, literally can and does cause cancer. 


Plus for the hard working people who do pay taxes, try demanding an itemized bill on where your money went and good luck. Yet the IRS can audit the same person and needs itemized records.


slaves ? more like just too lazy as a nation to really push for changes to the taxes an etc. for some reason it is more acceptable to sit around and bitch about being taxed to and after death; than it is to perhaps create a website; detailing all of the bullshit with the over taxing, how the money is wasted or it is unfair that we keep taxing ourselves while our elected politicians get away with a lot more b.s than should be allowed.  well ;an then pay for maintaining the site and advertising and then actually creating or piggy backing off the Tea Party grass roots movement to end some of these taxes and or create a national flat tax. 


granted though it is fun to bitch and complain all the time.

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Author of the topic Posted

I'm not against all taxes. I'm just against the ones that keep you from owning anything. I fully understand the need for them. I'm failing to see the need for someone misappropriating them and constantly asking for more. I mean my friend that has a mountain view house, his local township tried to pass a "view tax"... Because he had a view from his home. Is that fair? No, but he says it exists in Cali. If you're middle class like me, we pay out roughly 50% of our income for taxes or fees. You shouldn't have to pay so much to live here. Meanwhile every senator has a base pay in the low hundreds, yet 50% of them are multimillionaires. That dog don't hunt. That is our money financing their lavish lifestyle.

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