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My nickname means Not A Christian Patriot. My religion is anti-communism and anti-socialism. I took it to a spiritual and very personal levels. My god is myself. I like to believe I am the reincarnation of Spartacus who hates all sort of slavery and bondage of the body, of the mind and of the soul. My number is 666 literally which represents total freedom of the human spirit and has nothing to do with the historical Christian meaning. I am more of a libertarian than a conservative and more of an anarchist than a libertarian. Shame of the original anarchist movement which allowed the Marxist communists to take over it. Communists believe in a violent revolution and I believe in a twice violent counterrevolution. I believe in peace as long as our common enemy of humanity is dead underground. Peace talks and negotiations gives oxygen to our common enemy and are not strategically clever. I don't forgive and I have no mercy with my enemies. I believe in religious freedom as long as you don't try to impose your god or believes on me and keep your prayers within the walls of your church or your house. Religion should be a personal matter that you keep to yourself, your family and friends and not a government matter or a public circus.


I believe it is time all of the patriotic organizations should take military actions against the domestic enemies-communists and socialists- in Congress, in state governments, in city governments, in the MSM, in the universities, in the intelligence organizations, in the business corporations, in the judicial system and in the bureaucracy and of course also in the executive: the way to do it is going hunting and harassing and neutralizing them with the collaboration of patriotic armed citizens, patriotic police forces and patriotic soldiers and officers from the USA armed forces. If that implies a civil war so be it. It is either them or us. It is also time all of the patriotic Americans should flood the streets with demonstrations against socialism and communism and against the deep state. This is the only way to save our Republic, freedom and Constitution. Otherwise our enemy is going to win and the US is going to turn into a hellhole full of misery and spiritual and material poverty run by a wealthy all powerful and despotic and criminal socialist and communist elite the way of China, North Korea, the old Soviet Union, Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and other nations that have suffered communism and socialism.

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