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Flag burning in Gettysburg pa.

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My sense is that if something like this has been proposed, it's not real.

They might burn flags at, say, a former slave market.  But I doubt they are so stupid as

to do it at Gettysburg.


But if they do ... may the ghosts of  Col Chamberlain's 20th Maine, which held the extreme left of the Union line, and who, on the Second Day of the battle, was repeatedly charged by

the Rebels (probably including some of my ancestors), and finally ran out of ammunition ...and who  saw the Confederates gathering for another charge .. and

did something that today's snowflakes would never understand in a million years ... namely, they fixed bayonets and charged downhill into

the Southern ranks, and routed them.


May their  spirits gather around the heads of the flag-burners, joined by the s;pirits of the men under Pickett who charged across a mile of open ground into the Union center on

the Third Day, uphill, enfilladed by rifle fire on their right flank.  May they unite in deaing out a terrible revenge on the human garbage who would even think of doing this.


You can get a lot further in life with a kind word and a gun, than with a kind word alone.

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On 6/21/2020 at 11:05 AM, Matt1212 said:

Anyone heard about this scheduled for the 4th of july. Disgusting 


Other side of the country. If I still lived in communist Virginia I'd be there.

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