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Where is the state militia


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So if you have been wondering where your local militia is, and why they are not doing anything in regards to the rioting in cities across America, hopefully these links will shed some light on the subject.


The following link, is from Cornell Law School, I found it just doing some basic searching on " US Militias " .  Out of every link with in this page, none of it suggests that  privately organized citizens have the right to forum their own militia in the sense of what is written in our Constitution and Bill of Rights; that in turn operate separately from the state and government and determine on their own when to activate and what to engage in.






The debate on the legality of militias or even who forms a Legal Militia is irrelevant at least to me , because the issue has been  written down, and debated by our own government in the early years of our country being formed. The topic of a militia is a state by state case. If a state doesn't want a militia a state doesn't have to have one. If a state wants to ban the legality of said state from ever creating a militia , that is probably worth debating. Because then it becomes the state having the right to decide what it does and doesn't want, vs the government giving the legal authority to the states to create one and have one ready if they need and want it, the constitution and bill of rights doesn't give the states the option to completely ban the creation by the state of its own militia. Nor is it authorizing citizens to take the law into their own hands.


If anything I would suggest to open up for a debate is to change this idea of being a constitutional militia , to either an official N.G.O security volunteer group that can have chapters all across the nation, that in turn would by pass the wording and definition of  a " militia " .   The other option, would be for said  " militias " to transform into a for profit private security group, drop the word militia from its' vocabulary and focus on recruiting and hiring  ex military and ex police, and to hold themselves to the same standard as police and military training. An to start soliciting services for emergency situations that may pop up in the future. It would still operate as a militia , people would still have to work real 9-5 jobs, but they could operate on the side as private security for events , an much like private security groups that are already in existence, the only difference being they would also be available to protect local businesses at a moments notice in their areas in the event the left decides to drum up another race war / and rioting.  And or , offer to volunteer their services for those who cant afford it or at a reduced fee. An the same for natural disasters and such. An then to make it clear that these are not mercenaries for hire, which would be the hard part because that is first thing that will pop into peoples minds.


Other than that I am hoping that this site at some point in time does hire the proper lawyer to do a live Q&A  in the form of a chat room ;  or just be around to answer questions related to this topic that has been brought up plenty of times, on a dedicated thread. It could be a closed thread from general discussion. Meaning, one would have the option to only post questions nothing more. Said Lawyer would have the ability to answer any question he or she chooses, and if wanted, the moderators and admin, could in that thread have a closed discussion for the rest of us to view; to bring up other issues that have been posed on this site, an in turn that would allow that thread to remain on topic and clear from being spun off into a 100 different directions and turning into a shit show. An then side discussions could be brought up in other threads.

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