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Organizing the Unorganized Militia in 2020

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I have created an 8 page document written from the perspective of a Joint Staff officer on how to organize the unorganized militia in the times we are in. It is a vision, it is not an operations order yet.


My proposition is this: The unorganized militia needs to be healthy and vibrant if this republic will survive because the National Guard can be removed from any state at any time, placing them under Title 10 authority vice Title 32. The current and gathering threats to this republic have manifested themselves in these days that underscore the wisdom our fathers had in their understanding and construction of the militia, being necessary for a free state.


That is a long way of saying we in the unorganized militia need to get our sht in one sock.


FIRST, I AM SEEKING a small group of former Field Grade officers from ANY state, or persons with military planning experience that can take this document and turn it into a scalable Operations Order with appendices, and give it to all of the unorganized militia described in 10 USC Sect 246. The plan is a radical departure from what most are used to. It is HEAVY RECRUITING and other G-1/S-1 and G-5/S-5 activities. If you volunteer, I will send you the link to a INVITE ONLY cell, and I will examine you to determine if you have the correct planning experience. Then we get to work.


SECOND, I am looking for a team at the state level  (any state) that wants to implement once it is done, to be used as a model for everyone else. The team I form will coach you all the way until you are comfortable on your own.


If you do not meet the description, that's cool.  I have two requests: (1)  I bet you know someone who does: And that someone is a patriot and will not mind giving his time to this effort. Steer them to this message and I'll take it from there. (2) Have your folks in your state pick out all the major events in which it would be highly profitable for you to recruit. EXAMPLE: The Hillsville, Virginia Flea Market and Gun Show attracts 1 million people over a 4 day weekend this September. Never pass an opportunity to touch 1 million people: and most of them are like-minded like us. Virginia can literally solve their leadership and recruiting problems in one weekend of hard work. For other states: what activities do you have?


 Our deliverable is what I stated, and it is intended for all the states and their counties. If you have questions, direct them to me.  Dr Edwin Vieira's book "Constitutional Homeland Security,"  is one of the guides we will be using. If you don't have a copy.......it's a great investment.


This is a massive project. We do not have a lot of time.  Turn off the NASCAR, NFL, and any other distractions, and be a Captain John Parker.


Beat to quarters.








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