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      It looks like America's future is in the balances. Everything has turned to crap politically and partially economically, not to Trump's blame, at all.

     I would ask the Tidy Bowl man if it's gonna all go down the tunes, but I think he's went under twice....


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3 minutes ago, Todd A. Slee said:

I just can't believe what our government is letting people get away with. If it was any of us militias taking over an area and/or rioting, it'd already be a major battle.

if the govt is letting these cartels get away with this, and the fact that the govt. would go to war with the miltias if they were to step in and do something about it, that would make the govt the enemy

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Author of the topic Posted

It largely is, essentially, because they've managed to transform it from a Constitutional Republic, to a practicing Democracy, which lends itself quite readily to Socialism.

     I've been saying for quite a while that one key in our strategy to taking America back from the Left-wingers is defeating the L.E. and DOJ informants, and any officers/agents who are Left leaning.

     If the L.E. and DOJ go overtly tyrannical, the backbone for their data will be, as now, the informants, many, many of which are Socialist-bent and/or out for self.

     They have networks within each network, cliques, which entrap, frame, entice, coerce, and commit other crimes, undermining the genuine ethical fabric.

     One example is the Wabash County Prosecutor's Detective of many years, Weaver, maybe retired now. She's been tied in with the mafia since at least 1992 [verifiable by the FBI], and the CIA.

     One excuse is that it's a way to defeat nefarious feds. She'll help get people out of an unjust bind, but she'll also coerce them to join the mafia, probably the fringes, maybe as an associate.

     FBI Special Agent Neil Hoener could have nailed her years ago, but instead utilized her for his own agenda, having mafia ties himself. Ironically, some of the mafia prople are more just than some of our government people.

     Bob Land, when an I.S.P. detective and as sheriff, could probably  have taken down a [borderline] prostitution ring in Wabash County. I don't know details or why it wasn't stopped [on paper it may have been], but I suspect that participants were simply rolked into informants.

     My only beef was that they were undermining some key, Constitutional cases, not likely being a full bore prostitution ring. But they are pretty much Left leaning.

     Most people in L.E. and the D.O.J. don't seem to see it, but informants are a major problem in America.

     Allegedly you can see who at least county and city informants are on gov websites, being paid from the public dole.

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Posted (edited)

It is NOT the "Government" it is the division of the government... The Demon-Rats would rather let the country fall then the President "Win". Meanwhile... "We" lose. Remember what Hillary said? "You HAVE to accept the vote count!" But, all they have done since is fought it. Look at the Demon-Rat cities/states! 

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